Peya Jakob

Peya Jakob Poems

41. The 4th Round. 1/14/2009
42. Street Lamps In Heaven. 11/9/2007
43. Celebrate Immortality. 11/29/2008
44. Amaranthyne. 1/6/2010
45. Clean Break 11/23/2011
46. Feelings For You, And Other Tragedies 11/5/2011
47. \this Sadness(Main) . 8/24/2010
48. If(Fragment) . 2/1/2010
49. Lost. 1/14/2010
50. _my Age Of Enlightenment 8/23/2009
51. Missing A King. 11/29/2008
52. [untitled] 11/10/2008
53. I Visited Dreams 4/4/2008
54. It Kills Me. 1/31/2010
55. I Wished For A Star. 9/21/2009
56. Glass Pavements. 9/25/2008
57. Burn Me And Be Burnt By Me 3/19/2011
58. Completion 11/3/2007
59. /walking To Alpha Centuari 5/7/2009
60. Moment For Life 3/26/2011
61. *the Sentimental Voilinist. 5/21/2009
62. How To Chase And Catch Nothing. 10/12/2008
63. Lè Waltz. 11/11/2008
64. How To Live Forever. 1/6/2010
65. My Surrender, My Suicide. 1/25/2010
66. 3 Rounds 12/19/2008
67. My Life Without You. 3/19/2009
Best Poem of Peya Jakob

My Life Without You.

Perfect moments are never long enough, and perfect dreams are always cut in half.
I stand alone were we once stood two,
in the place where i first saw you.
We played for the world and acted each a part,
but it is only i who hurts when our hearts beat apart.
I cry for every dream i had to forgo.
And my life seems insatiably long.
I dont know if i love you but i know this,
i am slowly dying without your kiss.
If i can no longer see your face,
then perharps without breath, i am in a better place.

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Street Lamps In Heaven.

I once had a thoughtful friend,
who loved me to trully to his end.
His admiring brown eyes never showed hate or fear to me.
He loved the earth so i see him stare,
at the world longing, wishing to be there.
He loved the shadows so i suppose he'll sit,
under trees of apples until we again meet.
He loved to live so i know he'll cry, and wish again that here, with me he could lie.
He loved to run so i see him trot, across heaven in his brushed fur coat.

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