Phat Poet

Rookie (Aug 27,1983 / Santa Clara, C.A.)

Biography of Phat Poet

My real name is Matt Tia, born and raised in the bay area Santa Clara/ San Jose to be exact.. And was brought up by my father who is samoan and my mother who is mexican.

I began writing around the seventh grad and continued till about my sophmore year in high school. But over the past few years I've lost5 close family members and revisited writing to help me cope.

As of right now I am trying to get my first book published and am happy with life because I am about to become a new father.

I thank you all who have took the time to read my work. Updates


Women are the object of our affection,
Yet half the time we treat them like they are interchangealbe like a fresh pair of j, s,
And their only use is relief to a stiff erection,
While we act like it would take to much from our manhood to show a little appreciation.....

We boast about how many we've conquered while in conversation with each other,
But we then straitain up a little while in the presence of our mothers...
It just puzzles me sometimes about how callus and vien we as men

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