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My life is a story and its up to my life to create a vision of my story to edit it onto paper and create a vision for all to see!
Born and raised in Hawaii on the island of Oahu..Im a single parent of 2 wonderful brats.(: My girl is 9 and my son is 6. i have the most amazing man named Randy! ..and if ya wanna know anymore just ask!
these poems are really whats goin on in my life! ! ..everything you read has something to do with it! ! ...
UPDATE! ! I wrote all these poems when I was indeed having problem with my man but since then I've had my 3rd child and still wit my man! ! Things have changed a lot since 2007! ! What a great new years it is! ! Welcome 2009! ! ! Updates


happy valley
mango trees
sound of ukelele's
and singing
the chickens crowing
the sparring matches
iao valley
fresh water ponds
jumpin off 15ft rocks

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