Pheko Motaung

Gold Star - 4,745 Points [BurningDesire] (Reitz.Republic Of South Africa)

Biography of Pheko Motaung

Hustler.Interested in all the religions of the world 'cause I think they're all probably telling mankind the truth.Interested in philosophy.Afraid of people who move their lips when they read, afraid of people who would kill a poem, abhors all killing.Am a lover of the arts and nature.Wishes to marry a poet.Wishes the world peace and love and sistrenhood.Wants to learn from everybody.

Pheko Motaung's Works:

No published books.Nurses a secret ambition to see own works published. Updates

To The Budding Poets

Learn the rules
And unlearn the rules
Poetry is mood/ heart/ soul
It is spirit and mind and...agony
As in Li Bai making fun of poor
Du Fu agonizing over a point of poetry
Don't be such a stickler for rules...


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