Pheko Motaung

Gold Star - 4,745 Points [BurningDesire] (Reitz.Republic Of South Africa)

Pheko Motaung Poems

41. In Your Hour Of Darkness 4/20/2016
42. The Dead Drunk I Help 4/20/2016
43. In A Time Of Peace 4/20/2016
44. Rejected By Life Because Of Money Problems 4/21/2016
45. My Best Friends Come First 4/21/2016
46. Make Me Love Life Again 4/22/2016
47. No Peace In My House 5/29/2015
48. In The Name Of Religion 11/22/2015
49. Family Portrait 12/17/2015
50. The Rulers Of This Land 12/17/2015
51. Used And Misled 12/17/2015
52. In The Midnight Hour 12/26/2015
53. In The Star Studded Night 12/26/2015
54. Graveyards 12/27/2015
55. Give Peace One More Chance 12/28/2015
56. Kings 12/20/2015
57. Night After Night 1/25/2016
58. I Send You My Dreams 4/22/2016
59. Wait Until I Say Come 4/22/2016
60. Think Him Innocent 4/22/2016
61. In Honor Of Their Fallen Heroes 4/22/2016
62. I Don't Want To Be Blamed 4/22/2016
63. My Sweetest Taboo 4/26/2016
64. On This Bitter Earth 4/29/2016
65. Write Where I Must Write 4/29/2016
66. I Laugh When You Sing 4/29/2016
67. I Bed Whom I Like 4/29/2016
68. This Gift Is My Love 4/29/2016
69. Do Not Take Me Home 5/1/2016
70. Childlike Similes 5/1/2016
71. Nature And Her Babes 5/1/2016
72. Make It Your Only Duty 5/1/2016
73. Trust Not Our Old Men 5/1/2016
74. I Can See All Things 5/1/2016
75. The Stars Do Not Sleep 5/1/2016
76. Kiss Party For Some 5/1/2016
77. Nobody Loves Monk 5/1/2016
78. In Time Trouble 5/5/2016
79. Move On With Your Life 5/10/2016
80. I Miss You 6/30/2016
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(lonely Poems) To The Poets

(For my friends @

Fellow poets!

Here's one of your own boss!
Read some of his poems!
And put him
Out of his miseries!

In the universe of the poet
It's so silent
You can hear a pin drop!

Be swayed not
By the hurly burly of life!
Aloofness from the suffering
Of the surly throng is the essence!

May solitude be your brother! Silence
Be the middle name of your sister!
You're alone when you write!

I, Ngaka Motaung!

I have sounded the war drums to a ...

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Hard Times

My children are staring hunger in the face
They're cursed be the hewers and the sewers of wood
For the rest of their doomed lives
They call any man who throws crumbs at them dad
They run with the wrong crowd and they don't respect me
The devils have left the ovens of hell and the hard times have decided
To be the permanent sojourners of my house of hunger

My wife has three lovers

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