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I have moved often since the time I was quite young. And no, my father was not in the military just worked out that way. Perhaps instead of answering the military question I should rather say that we were fleeing aliens? Hmmm…that I think could use some work but does have possibilities. In any case I reside in the USA and have lived in eight states and for awhile lived for an extended period of time Asia. I have yet to manage to live at one address for more then five years, I just moved again this summer, I however have plans (which I often do) of breaking that record. Roots…..gimme roots! Professional I am a nurse and work in a neonatal intensive care unit.

I am, like many members, new to poetry. I have had very little published, and trust me saying I have been “published” is truly pushing the bounds of that definition. I have written personally for most of my life much of that was for friends doing table top gaming. While I don’t know if this falls within appropriate etiquette here I will attempt to post some short stories I have done but will list in the title they are not poems. And yes I would like to hear feedback on my work.

Personally I am married to a wonderful woman and have been for many years…..errrr……months, yes months! We celebrated our first anniversary last month. Living the dream here peeps! So looking back on this readers digest version of me, I find three anorexic paragraphs more than a bit depressing but there you have it.

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