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41. Butterflies & The Cascade Theory 7/29/2013
42. Is This Propaganda? 8/4/2013
43. Not Wearing Shorts 8/4/2013
44. Pride Before A Fall Then Romace 8/11/2013
45. Revenge Of The Abused 8/11/2013
46. Walk With Me Along The Canal 8/18/2013
47. Dressed Up For The Festival 8/24/2013
48. Feather In The Breeze 8/26/2013
49. Thoughts Of A Rover 9/1/2013
50. Comments On My Poems 6/29/2013
51. White Candyfloss 7/2/2013
52. Gossamer Wings 9/15/2013
53. The Wind Blows 9/15/2013
54. Her Soft Touch 10/20/2013
55. Money In But Not For Long 10/28/2013
56. Every Single Minute, Every Single Day 11/30/2013
57. Too Cold, Too Old 11/30/2013
58. The Rescuers 12/24/2013
59. I Doubt It 1/3/2014
60. Not Winking At You 1/8/2014
61. Blue Flashing Lights 1/28/2014
62. Finding God 9/19/2015
63. Old Photographs 4/3/2016
64. Pioneer 10 10/20/2013
65. Key Earrings 9/24/2013
66. No Green Man At The Crossing 7/7/2013
67. Voyager 1 9/16/2013
68. Getting Shot Of Me 6/12/2013
69. A Donkey's Burden 5/8/2013
70. Mayday! Mayday 6/28/2013
71. Smartphones, Are They Smart? 9/26/2014
72. Don't Weep My Dear 9/4/2013
73. Confused 12/6/2012
74. Can't Write A Love Poem 6/12/2013
75. Stay Away From The Pub 6/19/2013
76. The Cgi World 10/8/2013
77. I Am Drowning 4/26/2013

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I Am Drowning

The wave rolls in and grabs my feet
Then tries to pull me back
But I resist its best efforts
For power, it has a lack
The wave recedes and I feel smug
That I'm still here on the shore
I've beaten the tide that has claimed lives
So many times before
But pride comes before a fall
As so many people say
I've had my pride and now my fall
Will come to me this day
Another wave comes crashing in
And knocks me to the ground
And pulls me back into the sea
And there is water all around
I fight the sea to keep my head
Up above the wave
I can't swim I ...

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Annoying Texters

There are certain things you notice
When you walk down any street
I'm not talking about the nasty things
You step in with your feet
I'm talking of the people
Who use a mobile phone
Who seem to wander left & right
As if they have no home
You follow them but you're not sure

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