Philip Charles Brown

Philip Charles Brown Poems

1. If I Was White 1/31/2013
2. Been A While 2/1/2013
3. More Time 2/1/2013
4. Start Over 2/1/2013
5. How He Was 2/1/2013
6. My Country 2/1/2013
7. Lost 2/1/2013
8. Some Words 2/1/2013
9. Unknown Me 2/1/2013
10. Words On Love 2/1/2013
11. Miss Em 2/1/2013
12. Thats How Much 2/1/2013
13. This Phase 2/1/2013
14. When I First Saw Ya 2/1/2013
15. Out The Window 2/1/2013
16. Saw You 2/1/2013
17. Sad Christmas 2/1/2013
18. December 2/2/2013
19. Missing The Sea 2/2/2013
20. What Was 2/2/2013
21. I Cannot 2/2/2013
22. My Kitten (Meggie) 2/2/2013
23. Diana 2/2/2013
24. Foreign Night 2/2/2013
25. Love Ended 2/2/2013
26. I Know 9/12/2013
27. Mistake 9/12/2013
28. Brothers All 9/12/2013
29. Mincing Words 9/12/2013
30. The Modern Pres 7/25/2017
31. I Was A Boy 2/22/2013
32. Thanksgiving 2/1/2013
33. When 2/2/2013
Best Poem of Philip Charles Brown


When time was my friend, I'd lollygag and laze
It was all in front of me I had so many days
When time never entered the passing mind
And I thought I had all the time

When lines were not on my face, just spots
And I was handsome in my ways and looks I had not lost
When fat had not encircle me, and I was young and tight
And muscular I was not and never ventured into fight

When all my loved ones were there and all were counted true
And I had not found anyone and not thought of you
When loss was something that had never shown
And ...

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More Time

I wish that I had spent more time
I wish that I had opened my mind
I wish that I had more strength
To last the race and run its length
But you have not taken and exhausted me
You have provided all I feel and see
You have given so much and taken nothing in return
But the love you provided was easily earned
All we had to do was be

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