Philip Housiaux

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Biography of Philip Housiaux

Hello and sincere welcome to my poetry site. I am a very enthusiastic new poet. Your comments are important to me - particularly on the poems that did not really work for you or you felt had failings. So rather than leaving my site feeling that you could not leave a hurtful comment, please feel free to say what you think. So thank you and hope you found something worthwhile for you. Hopefully I will have added some new poems by the next time you visit. Yours Philip Updates

Morality Or Mutation

Into lives false prophets amble
posing: villains or nature’s gamble?
Eggs cosmic radiation’s banquet
cruel near death doses of rads
and no ethics committee etiquette -
should sperm and egg thrash, sad.
From germ cell mutations grown
men who are not men as known
but distillate of man’s own

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