Philip Housiaux

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Biography of Philip Housiaux

Hello and sincere welcome to my poetry site. I am a very enthusiastic new poet. Your comments are important to me - particularly on the poems that did not really work for you or you felt had failings. So rather than leaving my site feeling that you could not leave a hurtful comment, please feel free to say what you think. So thank you and hope you found something worthwhile for you. Hopefully I will have added some new poems by the next time you visit. Yours Philip Updates

Universal Gallows (War)

Washington and London, conquerors proud
penitents, Earth’s perturbation cowed.
Your torn ingested satellites held -
so much interstellar molecules
for mighty spiral galaxies to meld.
A hundred billion arms swirl and pull
your million killed, your hegemonic rules.

Men’s courts a gravity shallows

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