Phinda Mkhonta

Rookie (8 December 1987 / In Swaziland)

Biography of Phinda Mkhonta

This is a poet from the south tip of Africa. From the last true kingdom in Africa that still glooms with the smell of culture and nature

Biography, Capacity and Experience

Phinda Mkhonta, the poet was born in the Manzini region of the kingdom of Swaziland, on the 17th November 1987.

He started performing his poetry during his Secondary school but mostly outstanding active in performing poetry and motivating young people in many communities in the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation, a Program that was running during his high school launched at Hillside High School. After his IGCSE exams, he joined a national competition in writing on behalf of his school which saw him scooping the Award of Best SiSwati Poetry Writer 2008 in a nation-wide writing competition organized by Macmillan Swaziland, Ministry of Education in collaboration with the Times of Swaziland. He was also honored with an Award of Creativity 2008 by International Tabernacle Church for his outstanding creativity in poetry.

Soon people came from all corners of the kingdom and the world to request him to perform in their cultural events, entertainment and other corporate events. He is now staging with theatre groups, music bands, music DJs and also stages on his own. His poetry relates to the old African traditional style of expression, thought of humanity (ubuntu) , entertaining, sensitizing people’s moral being and social ills, promoting pride of the Swazi culture through creative outlets that can be observed by Swazi people and Africans in general.

He is currently in an everyday Swazi Television commercial promoting the on going pageants of Miss Cultural heritage Swaziland and promoting in events of Miss Cultural heritage Swaziland. He has currently been featured in an album of an outstanding Swazi music DJ commonly known as DJ DDCOOL, an album to be out in September 2009, in a single song entitled ‘Giya’ (meaning a Swazi act of galloping and dancing) as means of taking his African poetry to the youth. As we see him perform in the Bushfire Swaziland International Festival of Art 2009 with DJ DDCOOL. He will also be featured in the upcoming album of the Swaziboy Entertainment in a single track with DJ Crooks. These are indeed his humble beginnings on his journey to being the next African-Swazi star. He has perfom in French Reunion Island, in the ALL YOU NEED IS SLAM, He also perfomed in the SADC POETRY FESTIVAL.

Phinda Mkhonta's Works:

I am still aspiring to write one book but never publish one. Updates

I Am In Love

Literally, louder and lively,
I would like to pour into your ears,
I am in love and fully confident with you
I need you more than the air I breathe.

It has been a decade since I pruned you,
Oh! You are a flower my African humane,
You are not likened for you are pure,
Your love I cannot resist nor doubt,

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