Phiwokuhle Mpendulo Manana

Freshman - 682 Points [Phiwokuhle Mpendulo Manana] (10 February 1997 / Buseleni)

Biography of Phiwokuhle Mpendulo Manana

Phiwokuhle Mpendulo Manana was born at Buseleni, Nkweni Inkhundla, under Shiselweni Region, Swaziland. He is a first born son of Mr Mageba Velakubi Manana. Manana lived with his parents at his homestead at Buseleni. He attended Ebaleni Primary School from Grade 1 to Grade 4, Mandulo Primary School from Grade 5 to Grade 6. After he failed Grade 6, he went to Endzeleni Primary School where he did Grade 6 and 7. He started loving reading books and novels when he was doing Grade 7. He read the novels and poems, so and plays till he was attending Mandulo High School. He wished writing his own books and novels. Now he tries the best, he also wish to be an actor. He wanted to see himself in films and movies. Updates

After The Storm

After the storm, I listen—
To the last whisper of rain spreading stories
Of why people walk and don't fly;
To the final game of lightning sticks
The earth plays with the sky;
To the frogs and the crickets
And the mosquitoes and the dragonflies
Singing in the shadows;
To the ruffle of my blanket as I climb out of bed,

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