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81. Will Never Love You Less 3/27/2017
82. You Left Me With Nothing 3/28/2017
83. Habang Ako'y Nakatingin 3/30/2017
84. Serendipity 4/5/2017
85. Stay In Our Xanadu 4/5/2017
86. Pasakit Na Paulit-Ulit 4/5/2017
87. I Tried So Hard 4/6/2017
88. What Kind Of Heart Have You? 4/6/2017
89. One Day 4/6/2017
90. Basta Lang... 4/7/2017
91. Maraming Salamat Sa Iyong Mga Tula... (Filipino/Tagalog) 4/8/2017
92. Siya Pa Rin (Filipino/Tagalog) 4/8/2017
93. Balatkayo (Tagalog) 4/8/2017
94. Even Beyond Eternity 4/8/2017
95. Thank You Poetry 4/8/2017
96. The Man I Miss 4/9/2017
97. I Miss You 4/12/2017
98. I Won't Be Scared 4/13/2017
99. A Day Will Come 4/13/2017
100. Nang Nawala Ka Sa Akin (Filipino/Tagalog) 4/13/2017
101. Most Beautiful Dream 4/13/2017
102. I've Loved You In The Past 4/14/2017
103. All I Want Is You 4/14/2017
104. Help Me Forget The Pain 4/16/2017
105. Why Can't I Just Forget? 4/16/2017
106. You Don't Love Me 4/16/2017
107. Pusong Dugo Iniluha (Filipino/Tagalog) 4/16/2017
108. Nawala Na Ating Nakaraan (Filipino/Tagalog) 4/17/2017
109. She's Gone Now 4/18/2017
110. Hapding Paulit-Ulit 4/18/2017
111. I Just Knew 4/19/2017
112. Will Rave With Woe And Bliss 4/19/2017
113. I Am The Ugliest Woman On Earth 4/20/2017
114. Tainted Love 4/24/2017
115. Go Ahead Hate Me! 4/24/2017
116. How Can I Forgive And Forget? 4/24/2017
117. When You Lie 4/25/2017
118. To Feel Again Yesterday 4/25/2017
119. You Expect Me To Forget? 4/25/2017
120. Nakalimutan Mo Ako (Filipino/Tagalog) 4/26/2017

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Someone's heart I played with glee
T'was mere a game as I see..
I didn't know how sadly,
And lethal it will be..

On with mean charades like dream,
Sugary lies and sweet hymns,
Stars, he sends at whims,
Sun, hastily I gave him..

Many a loving talks on we cling..
'Tis sheer happiness it brings
I'm quite wary on a thing,
Why core is in spring?

How foolish a scheme it was..
His heart is not abashed..
Mind moves in a dash..
Oh, why do I blush?

Its a folly game that I started..
Funny this is what I wanted
He grins as he ...

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Forever My King

'I will lead you to my palace
It's grandeur befits your beauty
Love me princess, to you I plea
For eons, together we'll be..'

Beautiful words, I love to hear
Senses basking in its glory
For in my heart it is so clear
Magical bliss bestowed on me

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