Phyllis Strong

Phyllis Strong Quotes

  • ''I will say of the Lord, He is the elasticity in my resilience. His hand won't let go.

    -Phyllis Strong''
    God is my strength.
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  • ''Beautiful is in the hands of the makeup artist.

    -Phyllis Strong''
  • ''When you draw close to God, things will fall apart; only to line up. And you will be broken; only to be filled.

    -Phyllis Strong''
  • ''When you know better but choose not to do better; the eyes of the learner pick up the bad habits of the influencer.

    -Phyllis Strong''
    Bad habits.
  • ''As Christians we should always be the light of the world, so resist the temptation to go "Off" on someone when they pull your circuit breaker.

    -Phyllis Strong''
  • ''Don't get the big head when God set a table before you in the presence of your enemies, He may tell you to feed them.

    -Phyllis Strong''
  • ''Read the Word of God to see what He has to say, more than you read your text messages to see what others have to say.

    -Phyllis Strong''
  • ''Everybody wants to be propelled higher, but no one wants the tension, duration, and pain of the stretch.

    -Phyllis Strong''
  • ''Spending time in the secret place with God will sustain us in the public place.

    -Phyllis Strong''
  • ''Photoshopping should have a low self-esteem warning…person in this photo may be bigger than they appear.

    -Phyllis Strong''

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All Different, But Still The Same

Some people have short hair, some have long.
Some people have thick hair; some people’s hair is all gone.

Some people have black hair, some have gray.
Some people have brown hair, some blonde, some red.
Some people’s hair a color unsaid.

Some people are short, some people are tall.
Some people will love you; some won’t like you at all.

Some people like hot weather, some like cold.
Some people are timid, some people are bold.
Some people have dark skin, some people have light.
Some people have black skin, some people have white.

Some people eat ...

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Love Is Like

Love is like a beautiful flower,
You have to plant a seed for it to grow.
Love is like a quiet whisper,
You have to be a good listener; for you to know.

Love is like a newborn baby,
You have to nurture her, for her to grow.
Love is like a farmer’s harvest,
What you plant, you reap what you sow.

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