Phyllis Strong

Phyllis Strong Quotes

  • ''I've been disabled,
    I've been discouraged;
    but still determined.
    I've been rejected,
    I've been ridiculed;
    but still resilient.

    -Phyllis Strong''
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  • ''You can't get paid for everything that you do; volunteer some of your time, be a blessing to others and a blessing will come back to you.
    -Phyllis Strong''
  • ''Can the honor that you show to your loved ones in public; be confirmed in private?

    -Phyllis Strong''
    Show respect behind closed doors, and you won't have to put on a show in public.
  • ''That one thing that a person will always remember about us; is it good, or bad?
    -Phyllis Strong''
    What people will remember about you.
  • ''Want God's compassion?
    Be compassionate.
    Want God's blessings?
    Want God's grace?

    -Phyllis Strong''
    Be and do unto others as you'll have God do unto you.
  • ''Trying to help someone; who doesn't have the will to change, is like asking a boulder to help you roll it over.
    -Phyllis Strong''
    You will waste your time and energy trying to help people who don't want to do nothing.
  • ''I'd rather forgive a person who has stood in my presence and cursed me out; than not to forgive, and stand in the presence of God, and be put out.
    -Phyllis Strong''
  • ''Think about how you want to look years from now; and make a wise choice today, think about how you want to be treated; and treat others the same way.
    -Phyllis Strong''
    Making choices.
  • ''Are you expecting to get; what you're not giving, and giving what you wouldn't want to get?
    -Phyllis Strong''
    What you sow, you reap.
  • ''A name tag is not just an accessory to your uniform; but an identifier of the person who had a bad attitude with the customer.
    -Phyllis Strong''
    Bad customer service.

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Best Poem of Phyllis Strong

All Different, But Still The Same

Some people have short hair, some have long.
Some people have thick hair; some people’s hair is all gone.

Some people have black hair, some have gray.
Some people have brown hair, some blonde, some red.
Some people’s hair a color unsaid.

Some people are short, some people are tall.
Some people will love you; some won’t like you at all.

Some people like hot weather, some like cold.
Some people are timid, some people are bold.
Some people have dark skin, some people have light.
Some people have black skin, some people have white.

Some people eat ...

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It's Just That Simple

I gave my life to Christ, with the Bible I did agree,
I confessed with my mouth
And believed in my heart
It’s just that simple, you see.

I asked God to forgive me of my sins,
And all the wrong I’ve done.
I believed that he raised Jesus from the dead;
His one and only son.

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