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  • ''Be vigilant; the devil is diligent to continue your family curse. A curse that's not renounced will continue from generation to generation.
    -Phyllis Strong''
    Family curses
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  • ''No imported candy or flowers grown in the richest soil fertilized with manure from a gold cow could ever compare to a sincere apology.
    -Phyllis Strong''
    Valentine's Day
  • ''Some things that seem too good to be true, is the favor of God pouring you out a generous blessing.
    -Phyllis Strong''
    God's Blessings
  • ''When you've helped someone, they're fulfilled and you feel rewarded. When you've carried someone, they're fulfilled and you feel exhausted.
    -Phyllis Strong''
    Helping people
  • ''Your gift will override your résumé. And your character is your highest degree.
    -Phyllis Strong''
    Your gift from God. Having character.
  • ''Never forget how big the world is, so you'll never stop thinking of all the places you can go.
    -Phyllis Strong''
    Dream big. See the world!
  • ''Don't head out to put your footprint in your community if you haven't put your knee print in your house. Pray before you go.
    -Phyllis Strong''
  • ''Poetry without words is the sights that God spoke into existence. Beauty silently expressed.
    -Phyllis Strong''
    Beautiful natural sights of the world.
  • ''Privileged are the rich that hunger; for they can afford whatever their taste buds desire.
    -Phyllis Strong''
    Not having the money to eat what I really have a taste for.
  • ''An optimist says, "It's a good day everything is going to go well." A pessimist says, "Well, it's a good day; but everything's gonna go wrong.
    -Phyllis Strong''
    An optimist and a pessimist.

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Best Poem of Phyllis Strong

All Different, But Still The Same

Some people have short hair, some have long.
Some people have thick hair; some people’s hair is all gone.

Some people have black hair, some have gray.
Some people have brown hair, some blonde, some red.
Some people’s hair a color unsaid.

Some people are short, some people are tall.
Some people will love you; some won’t like you at all.

Some people like hot weather, some like cold.
Some people are timid, some people are bold.
Some people have dark skin, some people have light.
Some people have black skin, some people have white.

Some people eat ...

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It's Just That Simple

I gave my life to Christ, with the Bible I did agree,
I confessed with my mouth
And believed in my heart
It’s just that simple, you see.

I asked God to forgive me of my sins,
And all the wrong I’ve done.
I believed that he raised Jesus from the dead;
His one and only son.

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