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  • ''The nice things he does for you shouldn't make up for the bruises he put on you.
    -Phyllis Strong''
    Domestic Violence
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  • ''Their little ears listen to every word, thud, bump and scream. And their little hearts cry out in sorrow; "PLEASE STOP! "
    -Phyllis Strong''
    Domestic Violence. A household with violence affects the life of a child.
  • ''The cry of wanting to succeed is getting strangled by the scream of how. And the attempts to connect with people who have answers are being ignored.
    -Phyllis Strong''
    People not wanting to share information as to how they did "it".
  • ''Religiously going to church doesn't get you a frequent attendance award that gets you a free pass into heaven. You have to Repent, Believe, be Saved.
    -Phyllis Strong''
    Holy Bible
  • ''Silence of another doesn't always confirm that you're right and have the upper hand; but a bridling of the tongue so things won't get out-of-hand.
    -Phyllis Strong''
    Sometimes it's best not to say anything.
  • ''God I thank you that you won't allow more to be piled on me than I can bear. Help me not to pile on more weight than my knees can bear.
    -Phyllis Strong''
    Overweight, watching my weight.
  • ''To make it through a challenge keep in mind that there's an end.
    -Phyllis Strong''
  • ''My hips, butt, and thighs will only respond to exercise. I can't pray them off, wish them off, or talk them off.
    -Phyllis Strong''
    I have to get moving. Exercise
  • ''Some people still choose to give what cost money, over doing what takes effort.
    -Phyllis Strong''
    Love One Another. Healthy Relationship.
  • ''You may not be among those who this world would call skilled. But be one of those who yield. God is seeking for someone to use, will it be you?
    -Phyllis Strong''
    God is seeking for someone/anybody He can use for His glory.

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Best Poem of Phyllis Strong

All Different, But Still The Same

Some people have short hair, some have long.
Some people have thick hair; some people’s hair is all gone.

Some people have black hair, some have gray.
Some people have brown hair, some blonde, some red.
Some people’s hair a color unsaid.

Some people are short, some people are tall.
Some people will love you; some won’t like you at all.

Some people like hot weather, some like cold.
Some people are timid, some people are bold.
Some people have dark skin, some people have light.
Some people have black skin, some people have white.

Some people eat ...

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If no one was sick,
How could Jesus do the miracle of healing.
If no one gave,
How could a harvest come back from giving.

If no one needed help,
How could God make a way out of no way.
If night never came,
How could it be the next day.

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