Piccola Scimmia

Piccola Scimmia Quotes

  • ''Once your eyes have been opened, you could never go back to a dormant state.''
    Living conditions
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  • ''When there's beauty within, you see and find beauty everywhere.''
    I see what I am
  • ''Home is not a place. Home is that scent, that sound, that person.''
    Where you/I belong
  • ''If there was a time when men were complaining about empty headed females;
    As the world turns, today, it happens to be filled with brainless males.''
    The reptilian complex; the paleomammalian complex and neomammalian complex
  • ''She, who can, and is not afraid to walk alone, can be solidly built upon...''
    Partners; strong women
  • ''Don't have patience, have faith.
    Being patient means you're not trusting destiny to happen as it's destined to.''
  • ''As long as I see you trying, I'll see a reason to affix at your side.''
    A better man
  • ''If as a mother you don't show your son how a woman should be loved,
    And as a father you don't set the example to your son of responsibility and respect towards a woman,
    The 'right man', will remain a fairytale.''
    The cycle that repeats itself
  • ''Intelligence is when you keep questioning your thoughts and beliefs.''
  • ''Every day you still dwell in the past, is a wasted minute of the future.''
    Dare, dream, live

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Best Poem of Piccola Scimmia

A Concept Of Love

Frantically searching for the word, love.
Desperately wanting you to pronounce, the word love.
Forcing it into my own mind, the word love.
Convincing myself that it is true, the word love.

Why is it that we all talk about it, this word love?
Why is it that we all try to find it, this thing love?
Some elusive concept that must be,
Some kind of mind invention indeed.

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It's as if each droplet conjures a smile onto a flower,
Caressing the leaves, amidst its shower.
Flower seems to gleam and leaves seem to revive.
Colors deepen and brighten, all at the same time.

The air, cooling and refreshing.
The earth, supple and quenching.
Each raindrop, magnifying beauty.
Each droplet, amplifying duly.

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