Piccola Scimmia

Piccola Scimmia Quotes

  • ''The verity, and the depth of it, is to be found in the reflecting surface of the eyes.''
    Lies and truths
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  • ''I wanted to safe somebody, and he needed saving.
    But in reality.., by saving him, I was actually saving myself.''
    Love me, like I love you
  • ''Love is your garden.
    And the relationship that you have with your lover,
    the care and interaction with each single aspect of the flowers in your garden.
    - G.B.''
    Nurture the love in your life
  • ''E ogni tanto esco il mio guscio, dice la perla.


    And every now and then I exit my shell, says the pearl.''
  • ''Give somebody a lot of money - enrichen them -,
    or take away all their money - impoverish them -,
    and their true character will gradually, or instantly,
    come afloat.''
    Greed & Integrity
  • ''It is in the barest of times that you understand what it is that you truly feel, and if that feeling is real.''
    A life with(in) love
  • ''You can make up excuses not to, or, have one powerful reason to push through.''
    Not surviving; I'm fighting.
  • ''It's quite, quite frustrating...;
    Speaking a language, only rare, few ones, understand.
    Having an faculty of sight', barely anyone shares.
    Possessing a comprehension of things, none really reaches the depths of.''
  • ''Loving him makes me strong... Being loved by him makes me invincible...''
  • ''Change;
    It requires intellect when it concerns tactics.
    It requires introspection when it concerns the soul.
    And then resilience, in order to endure.''
    The Flexible Mind

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Best Poem of Piccola Scimmia

I've Come Home

There's not a moment,
As peaceful, and so close,
As when we're sleeping.

Our bodies,
Looking for the warmth,
Of one another.

Our subconscious,
Looking for confirmation,
Of the presence of the other.

No moment,
I look more forward to,
Than that.

No moment,
That gives me so much peace,
As that.

And not a moment,
That puts me so at ease,
As that.

*Original version from September 16,2011

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Home, is not where you were born.
Home, is not where you have lived, most, or all of your life.

Home is in your heart.
Home is when you feel you are, where you always wanted to be.

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