Piccola Scimmia

Piccola Scimmia Quotes

  • ''And the harshest my fever is, and thus deeper my delirium.
    The clearer my vision, and sharper my lucidity.''
    Changing the genomes
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  • ''It's when you have expectations of people, or a situation,
    That you make yourself most vulnerable, for a disappointing negotiation.''
    Too high hopes
  • ''Life is a peaceful ocean, when free to be alone.''
    No headaches & no heartbreaks
  • ''Strength, is calm inside, whilst the cyclone rages outside.''
  • ''Pain is but a relative term;
    At a certain juncture, it's all a matter of a sturdy resilience.''
  • ''You can hope for possibilities, yet not for the impossible.''
    Unable to change
  • ''My freedom ends, where your entitlements begin.''
    A liberated mind
  • ''When you live with eyes half closed, your perceptions will also be half whole.''
    Inside a box
  • ''The physical body gets sick, so the emotional mind can heal.''
    Bone-deep fever
  • ''People who are happy on the inside, emit light on the outside.''

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Best Poem of Piccola Scimmia

I've Come Home

There's not a moment,
As peaceful, and so close,
As when we're sleeping.

Our bodies,
Looking for the warmth,
Of one another.

Our subconscious,
Looking for confirmation,
Of the presence of the other.

No moment,
I look more forward to,
Than that.

No moment,
That gives me so much peace,
As that.

And not a moment,
That puts me so at ease,
As that.

*Original version from September 16,2011

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I would like to think,
That you are looking for me,
With the same fervor,
As I am looking for you.

Your thoughts and image,
Always walking next to me,
As mines are walking next to you.

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