Piccola Scimmia

Piccola Scimmia Quotes

  • ''And the harshest my fever is, and thus deeper my delirium.
    The clearer my vision, and sharper my lucidity.''
    Changing the genomes
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  • ''It's when you have expectations of people, or a situation,
    That you make yourself most vulnerable, for a disappointing negotiation.''
    Too high hopes
  • ''Life is a peaceful ocean, when free to be alone.''
    No headaches & no heartbreaks
  • ''Strength, is calm inside, whilst the cyclone rages outside.''
  • ''Pain is but a relative term;
    At a certain juncture, it's all a matter of a sturdy resilience.''
  • ''You can hope for possibilities, yet not for the impossible.''
    Unable to change
  • ''My freedom ends, where your entitlements begin.''
    A liberated mind
  • ''When you live with eyes half closed, your perceptions will also be half whole.''
    Inside a box
  • ''The physical body gets sick, so the emotional mind can heal.''
    Bone-deep fever
  • ''People who are happy on the inside, emit light on the outside.''

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Best Poem of Piccola Scimmia

A Concept Of Love

Frantically searching for the word, love.
Desperately wanting you to pronounce, the word love.
Forcing it into my own mind, the word love.
Convincing myself that it is true, the word love.

Why is it that we all talk about it, this word love?
Why is it that we all try to find it, this thing love?
Some elusive concept that must be,
Some kind of mind invention indeed.

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Sutra: Lies

When knowing somebody’s told a lie,
Never confront the liar with the lie.
Instead, graze what’s being lied about,
Then observe the person’s rebound.

You will learn more about the lie and the liar,
And will recognize easier next time, a falsifier.

For if you confront the liar with the lie,

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