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  • ''A parade or show horse cannot be expected to perform as well as a mule would, when put on a farm in front of a cart.

    February 18,2010''
    In the wrong place
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  • ''Stompzinnigheid, is waar vrijwillige blindheid een permanente thuis heeft.''
  • ''A good writer, just like a good politician,
    Knows when to pause, to make you hold your breath.

    Giving you a narration,
    Both are telling you a gingered version of their truth.

    One of them, to please you.
    The other one, to seize you.''
  • ''Sometimes, words seem to be just like empty vessels.
    It's not what we say, but what we do, consequently, that give these words a meaning & fill these vessels with content.''
    Say what we mean, mean what we say
  • ''You couldn't blame me for being afraid; rather for being too eager.

    December 19,2011''
    Life & Character

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Best Poem of Piccola Scimmia

A Concept Of Love

Frantically searching for the word, love.
Desperately wanting you to pronounce, the word love.
Forcing it into my own mind, the word love.
Convincing myself that it is true, the word love.

Why is it that we all talk about it, this word love?
Why is it that we all try to find it, this thing love?
Some elusive concept that must be,
Some kind of mind invention indeed.

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Sutra: Lies

When knowing somebody’s told a lie,
Never confront the liar with the lie.
Instead, graze what’s being lied about,
Then observe the person’s rebound.

You will learn more about the lie and the liar,
And will recognize easier next time, a falsifier.

For if you confront the liar with the lie,

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