Pierre Joris

(1946 / Strasbourg)

Biography of Pierre Joris

Pierre Joris poet

Pierre Joris, (born July 14, 1946) is a Luxembourg-American poet, translator, anthologist and essayist.
Joris was born in Strasbourg, France on July 14, 1946 and raised in Ettelbruck, Luxembourg, is a poet, translator, anthologist and essayist. He left Luxembourg at nineteen and since then has lived in the US, Great Britain, North Africa and France.
In 1987, he returned to the U.S., first to upstate New York and then to the San Diego area as visiting poet & scholar at University of California, San Diego. In 1992, he returned to New York State and taught in the Department of English at University at Albany until 2013.

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Altars Of Light

If the light is the soul
then soul is what's
all around me.

It is you,
it is around you too,
it is you.

The darkness is inside me,

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