Pierre Rausch

Freshman - 656 Points [SRSO, Shiverspine] (24.01.1982 / Luxembourg)

Pierre Rausch Poems

241. Simulate 10/29/2016
242. The Curtain Of Silence 10/29/2016
243. I'll Come Home 10/29/2016
244. Echo 12/18/2016
245. Let's Make It Happen 1/20/2017
246. No Weapons Beyond This Point 1/20/2017
247. Don't Feel Bad 1/20/2017
248. The Children Of The Fog 1/20/2017
249. Chinese Panda 1/20/2017
250. You've Grown Away 1/20/2017
251. One Of These Days 1/20/2017
252. Delicious And Refreshing 1/20/2017
253. Front And Center 1/20/2017
254. Steve Madden 1/20/2017
255. Ridge Racer 1/20/2017
256. Need For Speed 1/20/2017
257. I Just Couldn't Wait Any Longer 1/20/2017
258. A Better Understanding 1/20/2017
259. Stronger Together 1/20/2017
260. A Journey To The Sky 1/20/2017
261. The Prayers That Had Once Been For Salvation 1/21/2017
262. Nightfall 1/21/2017
263. Nightingale Star 1/21/2017
264. Phalanx Of Flags 1/21/2017
265. Lago Grande 1/21/2017
266. Still Up In The Air 1/21/2017
267. Gift Aid Item 1/21/2017
268. Blond Tuft 1/21/2017
269. Let The Question Begin 1/21/2017
270. Queen Of The Night (Breathless) 1/21/2017
271. You Feel Me Out 1/21/2017
272. Lessons From Life 1/21/2017
273. But The World Would Freeze 1/21/2017
274. Chasing The Dragon 1/21/2017
275. Don't Worry (I'm On Your Side) 1/21/2017
276. Secrets 1/21/2017
277. November To Remember 1/21/2017
278. Churches 1/21/2017
279. Good Morning 1/21/2017
280. Various Positions (And Likely To Strike Again) 1/21/2017
Best Poem of Pierre Rausch

Hounds Of Hell

Fire on ground, under the mountain
Fire shrubs, a stone-grave
To conduct staggered
Draw from bundle

Fire on brimstone and damnation
New master of wiser kind
Part of motorclub shift gear
A dragon pursued them

And discussion at door
On that tide-hoisted screen
A grotesque party, sparkle firethorn
„Stop, stop“
But it was late, in fact
Of your way north

He was held up, the fire of bird
Close to the pony gate
„Don't you worry“
The hounds grew heavier
Hushed be water
The plies of outer town

Red rays then (suddenly) were ...

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Last Bastion

Samson, flee, the grinding melon collie
The last bastion agreed, a bit of freedom, a bit of green
He lost his faith in the site of spleen; a prophecy in the last bastion, dark shall
be the candle-session
A massacre among others, the Waterloo of the mystic brothers
Evil swims for the spit in the sea, it's an ear-splitting mystery
Something you can't explain in a poem, it takes time and patience to hear the
songs of Loe
To differ the meaning of proportion,

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