Pijush Biswas

Gold Star - 17,153 Points [Blue Sky/Abbie Clare/Harsha] (12 July,1988 / Srirampur, Nadia, West Bengal, India)

Biography of Pijush Biswas

Pijush Biswas poet

Singer Juntin Bieber gave speeches to him, YouTube video link: " www.youtube.com/watch? v=kjUQ1CBi0 " .
" Mark My Words" titled video.

He got several times E.Mails from Sgt. Mercy W. Francis, US soldier in Afganistan; from first female high school ranger in US army and captain, Kristen Marie Griest; and from retired US army general, John F. Campbell.


Pijush Biswas is a poet, aphorist, essayist as well as short-story writer.He was born on 12 July,1988 in West Bengal, India.He has great interest in writing poems both in English and Bengali languages.By one decade he pursued widely the education.He is the only son of his parents.His father's name is Manoranjan Biswas, was a business man and mother is Papi Biswas, a home-maker.Pijush's poetic career began with a influence of his personal love-life.He began writing since October,2012.


He was brought up in an adjoining family since he was born in 1988.Though he was alone by his parents, he took great share of life with his cousins for about 15 years.He was very shy in nature and always refused to take part in different programmes, yet he was quite good in study.His childhood mostly spent in West Bengal at his father's home.

His Believe:

Pijush believes in the existence of Gods.Even he himself possesses their power partly in belief that is so called by him.He mentions some of the ancient Muses named Erato[Love poetry], Polyhymnia[Hymns], Euterpe[Music, Song and Lyric poetry] whom he believes in often, moreover giving emphasis on Saraswati; but the Muses who guide him as he believes and named by him are " Glossary" and " Fietta" .He believes that they increase his sentiment and inspire to think.


He earned Graduation under ' University Of Calcutta' in 2008.

Early Career:

While he was 17 years old, duely his graduation he served as Para-Teacher at a primary school for 4 months and earned 6500 rupees as per 1500 rupees a month.

Present Life:

Having got services in a govt. aided school in 2013 he was shifted to Malda, West Bengal as professional where he has rented a little home to stay.There he lives with his mother as he is unmarried and father is recently died on 25 December,2015.


Permanent: [Vill-Srirampur, P.O-Rajarmath, P.S-Chakdaha, Dist-Nadia, State-West Bengal, Country-India, PIN-741223]

Mobile No: 9609089437 / 8016842787

pijushbiswas777@gmail.com / pijushbiswas60@yahoo.com

Marital Status: Unmarried/Single


Poetry: Including poems like " As I Wander To Seek Beauty" , " Preface To Departure" , " I Wander By The Margin of Bay" , " On A Christmas Eve" , " and many others Pijush has already written almost 290 english poems and 17 bengali poems since 2012.

Short-stories: Not many than other but he has written stories like titled " A Royal Master" , " Tadpole Family And Snake" , " Bhutki Buri Jungle" etc.

Essays: " On Success And Failure" is his only essay written until December,2016 came with an extraordinary meaning in his life.


His works are yet not published, but recently the " Eber & Wein Publishing" has decided his poem titled " My Shadow Plays" to be published in their upcoming international anthology " Upon Arrival" in United States.

His first book named by " Some Suitably Word " is going to be published. It's under process.

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Ufo Sightings

On 7 August,2017 I returned from my working place, Gazole to my father's home, Srirampur.It was 4 months that I spent days at my own home after it and then I returned to Gazole again. Within these 4 months first I experienced some UFOs in night skies on my home ground.They were too far from down yet visible in empty eyes, lit with bright white colo

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