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Pissed Off Poems

1. Skinny 1/23/2008
2. What We Use To Be 11/6/2007
3. Turn Back Time 11/6/2007
4. You Kill Me 4/1/2008
5. Untitled 2/6/2008
6. Why Did You Take Him? 11/10/2007
7. You 11/4/2007
8. Miss Everything 11/12/2007
9. The Window 11/4/2007
10. I Love You 12/24/2007
11. This Place. 1/23/2008
12. Scared 11/4/2007
13. The Truth 11/12/2007
14. ... 4/1/2008
15. Breakdown 12/23/2007
16. Missed You 11/4/2007
17. Runaway From Here. 11/26/2007
18. Change. 4/3/2008
19. Save Me 11/4/2007
20. Miss....? 4/3/2008
21. Get Over It 11/4/2007
22. I Hate 1/29/2008

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I Hate

I hate liars.
I hate the word perfect.
I hate pretending.
I hate fake people.
I hate names.
I hate judging.
I hate the word skinny.
I hate the media.
I hate that you have to fit in to be normal.
I hate mirrors.
I hate this feeling called insecurity.
I hate being out of place.
I hate weight.
I hate food.
I hate sterotyping.
I hate hurtfulness.
I hate my body.

I hate many things.
But the thing i hate the most....

Is Myself.

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Missed You

I lay here wondering
How could i be so stupid?
I've needed you all along.
You left me for awhile though.
You were with her and i was alone.
Now that your mine,
i'm never going to let you go.

Your my weakness,

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