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Biography of Piyush Dey

I love reading, writing and feeling poetry. And as i am born in India-The country of hearts, evanescent loves and friendship, virtues and beliefs, I believe in simplicity and love. I am a great lover of sports and novels.I believe that there is poetry in everything, indeed every little thing! i am an Indian. India is a very beautiful country given it's rich culture and literature. A land of thrusting hills. Terraced hills, wood-covered and windswept. Mountains where the gods speak gently to the lonely heart. Hills of green and grey rock, misty at dawn, hazy at noon, molten at sunset: where fierce fresh torrents rush to the valleys below. A quite land of fields and ponds, shady by ancient trees and ringed with palms, where sacred rivers are touched by temples; where temples are touched by the southern seas. i love this site a lot and post poems in whenever i get time and comment on other's poems as well. I think, life's simple formula is -
Be happy and make others happy.

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The Lovely Winters

Winters are the one which chills,
Most often in the snowy beautiful hills,
Which cherishes millions of desires,
Makes nights more interesting for studies,
Kicking all worries,
Calling lots of teas and coffees in the evening,
With every sip there is a new hope and understanding,
No matter it chills,
But thanks to it for the happiness it fills,

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