Piyush Dey

Veteran Poet - 1,335 Points (India)

Piyush Dey Poems

1. Nature, The Heaven 3/15/2013
2. The Lovely Winters 3/15/2013
3. Why No Love There For Others In Thy Hearts? 3/16/2013
4. Troubles 5/12/2013
5. Until I Breath This Life 6/23/2013
6. What Kind Of A Secret Is This? 6/23/2013
7. Until I Breath This Life-I 6/23/2013
8. You'Ve To Live Without Me 6/29/2013
9. I Still Remember 7/19/2013
10. The Heart Has Taken A Flight 7/4/2013
11. My Companion Is God 7/4/2013
12. In The Path Of Fire 6/23/2013
13. Unconcluded 8/4/2013
14. Absense 8/4/2013
15. In Fearful Nights 8/9/2013
16. A Colorful Dawn 8/14/2013
17. Truth Of Life Ii 8/26/2013
18. The Neverending Path 8/27/2013
19. Truth Of Life Iii 9/2/2013
20. A Promise Forever 5/26/2013
21. What Is Time? 9/10/2013
22. Loves 9/20/2013
23. Moon Asked Me 10/17/2013
24. A Good Start 10/21/2013
25. Truth Of Life V 10/17/2013
26. The Journey Of A Man 10/28/2013
27. Where Does The Smile Lie? 12/24/2013
28. Breeze 1/11/2014
29. The Song Of A Phoenix 1/11/2014
30. Those Words That I Have Kept For You 1/11/2014
31. Beloved, Beloved, O My Beloved 2/14/2014
32. What Is Life? 3/11/2014
33. The Song Of The Brave 3/21/2014
34. Some Things I Still See The Same 4/17/2014
35. A Small Leaf 4/24/2014
36. Soils 10/4/2013
37. Come, Let's Sprinkle Love 6/28/2014
38. A Witful Presence Of Life 7/24/2014
39. O The Father Of The Fathers, I Know 7/26/2014
40. Season Of Togetherness 7/29/2014

Comments about Piyush Dey

  • The Hobbler (8/12/2014 11:59:00 PM)

    Your biographty is a beautiful poem
    and I have never thought of India in that way before..

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    1 person did not like.
  • The Hobbler (8/12/2014 11:58:00 PM)

    Your biography is a beautiful poem.

    ........and I have never thought of India in that way before.

Best Poem of Piyush Dey

The Shadow In My Garden

the daisies of my morning garden,
and the golden leaves of grass that
dance untouched when the wind fills
into their arms, just down the
eucalyptus trees,

the butterflies over the rosy nectar,
and the dew over the tips of the
old leaves, and somewhere in the
greenness of the little garden,
falls your absence,
which grows more denser with each
blooming petal of petunia over the
smallest plant that stands as bold
and bright beside that old bench
where for hours, some crows used
to sit and babble,

the brown...

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It Matters Not

It matters not
If there's harsh sun in the sky,
Or cool comfort in the night,
Nevertheless, i will work hardest hard.

It matters not,
How burdensome the circumstances,
I will break every wall of darkness
To reach the sun of my ultimate goal.

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