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Piyush Dey Poems

41. Oh How Tears Flow From My Eyes 8/10/2014
42. I'Ll Adorn Myself 8/12/2014
43. A Puff Of The Season 8/13/2014
44. Dilemma 8/15/2014
45. Defeat 8/15/2014
46. Oblivion 8/16/2014
47. The Last Chapter 8/16/2014
48. Until We Reach Somewhere 8/28/2014
49. A Poet 8/30/2014
50. I Can Fall Asleep 10/4/2014
51. Books 10/5/2014
52. God 10/5/2014
53. Clothes 10/5/2014
54. A Divine Touch 3/9/2016
55. You Have Got To Smile 4/9/2014
56. Pain Of No Meaning 9/23/2013
57. Truth Of Life Iv 10/4/2013
58. The Poem Is Entangled In My Heart 8/9/2013
59. I Have Started Living More Than Before 6/25/2013
60. The Everlasting Love 9/18/2013
61. Moments Of Togetherness 11/6/2014
62. Can’t You Listen 10/14/2013
63. An Empty Sea 7/28/2014
64. Ancient Remnants 7/30/2014
65. Early Dawn Birds 3/28/2014
66. What It Was That I Was Looking For? 4/8/2014
67. Who Says? 9/20/2013
68. Come, Lets Build A Night 8/4/2013
69. Oh Heart! Why Do You Cry? -Ii 7/22/2013
70. The Song Of Cuckoo 7/8/2013
71. The Forest 10/16/2014
72. I Departed And You Kept Dreaming 8/31/2014
73. If 9/3/2014
74. Oh Heart, Why Do You Cry? 6/2/2013
75. I Love You 6/5/2013
76. A Twilight Night 7/11/2013
77. Truth Of Life 6/1/2013
78. It Is Just 'Hope'- An Illusion 7/8/2014
79. A Bucket Of Paint 7/30/2014
80. To Flavor My Memories 10/5/2014
Best Poem of Piyush Dey

If I'D Only Known,

That this is the last time we've met,
I would have stopped the break of dawn,
And stopped the sun to set.

If i'd only known,
That I wouldn't ever see you again,
I would have a picture of your within,
To end my suffering, to end the pain.

If i'd only known,
That this is the last time I sit by your side,
I would have told you how much i loved you,
Keeping rest things aside.

If i'd only known,
That we would never hold hands again,
I would have held them strong,
And never let anything go wrong.

If i'd only known,
That you ...

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Nature, The Heaven

Once upon a day i saw a dream in a deep night sleep,
The dream was, of course, of the beautiful nature,
Where i thanked God for creating such a beautiful creation,
It made me see the heaven of my life,
Where the tranquil rivers were flowing,
Whose smile was tinkling and glowing,
Where sunlight lit the heart of the lovesome flowers,
Whose hue was sparkling like dancing coloury towers,
When i was just about to wake,

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