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Plague Rose Poems

1. The End Is Near 5/11/2012
2. Birds 6/6/2012
3. Until The Day. 6/6/2012
4. The Guilty Man 6/18/2012
5. A Lonely Mystery 3/28/2012
6. A Theory 8/24/2012
7. Blackbird 11/19/2012
8. The Guitar 11/19/2012
9. Tiny Cat 1/6/2013
10. Something Different 1/6/2013
11. Moonshine Prophecy 1/6/2013
12. Why I Write 1/6/2013
13. For The Love Of Life 1/25/2013
14. Roses 1/31/2013
15. Numbers 2/7/2013
16. Loss 2/21/2013
17. Catch Me In The Night 3/29/2013
18. Fear And Loneliness 5/7/2013
19. Boredom 5/18/2013
20. Someday.... 8/7/2013
21. Insomnia's End 8/7/2013
22. Paranoia 8/7/2013
23. Graveyard 8/8/2013
24. Tigerlily Monterey: Devil Cat 9/6/2013
25. Hell Resides Within The Subconscious, Only Dirt Lies Underground 9/26/2014
26. The Secret Of The Universe 10/31/2014
27. The Thing About Horror Movies 5/18/2013
28. Seashells 2/21/2013
29. Seven Dead Daffodils 2/24/2013
30. Pride On Canvas 4/17/2012
31. The Mystical Butterfly 7/11/2012
32. Life Of An Army Brat 3/16/2013
33. Basketball 4/3/2013
34. Zombie Apocalypse 9/23/2012

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Zombie Apocalypse

This is a story of the day of the dead
The day they rose from their boxed-up beds
There was fire and smoke
And blood and corpses
With people paranoid
Shot down by armed forces
And all alone I the severed head
Am watching
Not making a sound
Just watching
As the people die one by one
The dead ones killing
With smiles on their faces
Live ones soon to be dead
Cower in fear at their terrifying grimaces
The way they moved
Like marionettes gone wild
Puppets on strings with minds of their own
Nevertheless they were as mindless as could be
The ...

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The End Is Near

Time is dying
I am aware
You think I'm crazy
You're obliged to stare
Believe me or don't
I don't care
But know these things
I bet you ought
This world we know
will soon be not
Time is dead
And so is she
What's to happen
to you and me

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