Plato Quotes

  • ''Putting the shoe on the wrong foot.''
    Plato (c. 427-347 B.C.), Greek philosopher. Theatetus, 193 C....
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  • ''Wonder is the feeling of the philosopher, and philosophy begins in wonder.''
    Plato (c. 427-347 B.C.), Greek philosopher. Theatetus, 155 D....
  • ''Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil.''
    Plato (c. 427-347 B.C.), Greek philosopher. Epistolae, 336 B....
  • ''It is clear to everyone that astronomy at all events compels the soul to look upwards, and draws it from the things of this world to the other.''
    Plato (c. 427-347 B.C.), Greek philosopher. Glaucon, in The Republic, bk. 7, sect. 529. Socrates disagreed: "It seems to me that astronomy, as now handled by those who embark on philosophy, positively makes the soul look downwards."
  • ''Poets utter great and wise things which they do not themselves understand.''
    Plato (c. 427-347 B.C.), Greek philosopher. The Republic, bk. 2, sct. 5.

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Best Poem of Plato

Love Asleep

We reached the grove's deep shadow and there found
Cythera's son in sleep's sweet fetters bound;
Looking like ruddy apples on their tree;
No quiver and no bended bow had he;
These were suspended on a leafy spray.
Himself in cups of roses cradled lay,
Smiling in sleep; while from their flight in air,
The brown bees to his soft lips made repair,
To ply their waxen task and leave their honey there.

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Neath This Tall Pine

Neath this tall pine,
That to the zephyr sways and murmurs low,
Mayst thou recline,
While near thee cooling waters flow.
This flute of mine
Shall pipe the softest song it knows to sing,
And to thy charmèd eyelids sleep will bring.

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