Plutarch Quotes

  • ''For to err in opinion, though it be not the part of wise men, is at least human.''
    Plutarch (c. 46-c. 120), Greek essayist, biographer. "Against Colotes," Morals. The phrase was already proverbial in Plutarch's time.
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  • ''They named it Ovation from the Latin ovis [a sheep].''
    Plutarch (46-120), Greek essayist, biographer. "Marcellus," Lives, trans. by John Dryden.
  • ''All men whilst they are awake are in one common world: but each of them, when he is asleep, is in a world of his own.''
    Plutarch (46-120), Greek essayist, biographer. "Of Superstition," Morals.
  • ''It is indeed a desirable thing to be well-descended, but the glory belongs to our ancestors.''
    Plutarch (46-120), Greek essayist, biographer. "On the Training of Children," Moralia (c. 100 A.D.).
  • ''A Roman divorced from his wife, being highly blamed by his friends, who demanded, "Was she not chaste? Was she not fair? Was she not fruitful?" holding out his shoe, asked them whether it was not new and well made. "Yet," added he, "none of you can tell where it pinches me."''
    Plutarch (c. 46-120 A.D.), Greek essayist, biographer. Parallel Lives: Aemilius Paulus, sct. 5.

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