Friday, July 14, 2006

0008 A Love Poem In A New Old Language Comments

Rating: 1.9

Wilfrid Chin Sue says that poetry
is about ‘about’, and thank you Wilf
for that, and thanks too from us poets all
to e.e.cummings for reminding us


Michael Shepherd
David Gerardino 17 September 2006

e.e.cummings, i read every book he has written, great poet, strange, but great poet...he has a thing with numbers, ..............

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Esther Leclerc 28 July 2006

I'm not to the point where I can express deepest emotion clearly; the sensation running through me is both keenly joyful and sorrowful... Michael, this is pure beauty... longing... the real thing. Thank you.

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Zoe Smith 26 July 2006

Beautiful poem Michael, love the 'empty room'

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Jerry Hughes 17 July 2006

Michael, mon ami, this is why I stay on Poem Hunter - sensational!

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Alison Cassidy 17 July 2006

Michael, This is so sad and so beautiful and so clear and so subtle and so understandable and so e e cummings and so amazing and so you.....

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Nalini Hebbar 14 July 2006

subtle and beautiful...I wept, or failed, or failed and wept...i just loved that...just about fully loved it! ! ...great read...thank about a 10? ...nalini

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Ray Forever 14 July 2006

This is the 1st time I have read your poem and its quite brilliant.As Denis said...the flow is great! ! !

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Joseph Daly 14 July 2006

Michael this is outrageously funny. I recognised some of the pieces you were utilising. This is just a fantastic piece my friend. the way that it flows from one sentiment to the next.

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In such wildfire, that's what I say. (Sorry - never heard of Wilfred Chin Sue so I figured maybe it was an anagram. Apparently not) . Tis (about) time for such a smart piece. t x

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