Friday, May 2, 2008

02 Night Sky Comments

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A sky in night is a mixture
of happiness and sorrows.
We feel its texture
as our debt and borrows


Akhil H Kumar
Ashraful Musaddeq 11 September 2008

'Moon is our guide towards success and Sun Is the path of success Work hard in light, to get reward in night.' Very nice.

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Richa Dhodi 08 May 2008

hello boy a nicely driven Philosophical slab. keep going :)

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hi akhil, you're very talented for your age. well, i must say keep writing.

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Vidi Writes 04 May 2008

A well lived day - Brings a night, Full of fun and joy Else it becomes A time to grieve. Well said in this poem. Thank you, young poet.

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C.R. Clark 03 May 2008

A very nice write, my friend. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you C R Clark

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Haiku Mitchell 03 May 2008

I really enjoyed reading this poem. Very interesting. I loved the last two lines. Good Work.

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Akhil H Kumar 02 May 2008

Very good.good feel & nice imagination.

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