Madison Parnell

Rookie (04/20/96 / Alabama)

1 Day - Poem by Madison Parnell

i woke up hoping i was dead
wishing you wernt here in my head
torn up so much that i cant crawl out of bed
still remembering the exact words you said

i finally get up and start my day
putting on a fake smile so i look okay
but inside im dead and rotting away
also lonley and only a stray

without you my heart is sore
you always said i love you more
why did you go and do that for
because im sitting here watching my own tears pour

you were the only one i could trust
every other guy was a replacement or lust
now all our dreams together have turned to dust
blown away but the wind, a gust.

its only half through the day and its alredy hell
i have so many worries i need to tell
why werent you here to catch me when i fell
crying inside and all i want is to scream and yell

all this is crazy so im over you
i cant spend my life hurting over you
i got to meet people and kiss someone new
just so i can get over you

here we are still best friends
i hope this kind of relationship never ends
now i see the winner never wins
the winner is who fights and still can grin

i get to see you sometime tonight
cant let my heart tell me what i think is right
keeping my love to myself tonight
so my heart doesnt get hurt and ill stay alright

i see you so beautiful just standing there
im trying to act like that i dont care
but loving you and being friends just isnt fair
but i hug you tight. why did i dare.

you hug me close and wouldnt let go
im not complaining i loved it so
it reminds me when we were together some time ago
how i feel about you i just dont know

all through the night i stick by your side
wonder what would have happend if she have had lied
i like you again but my heart is locked up and tied
but that secret in something i cant hide

you see right through me like clear glass
right now my heart is beating way too fast
i really hope this night will last
and not turn out to be like our past

you look at me with those precious eyes
i may be smiling but inside my heart dies
because i know im going to fall for those lies
and hurt after all your goodbyes

you take me with you and we are alone
i love you and i see you have alredy known
i love you inside and out and down to the bone
this is what i get now my heart you own

you look at my lips then into my eyes
my stomach fills with butterflies
no words are heard because im tongue tied
your lips touch mine and my tears are dried

i hold on to you like the teddy bear on my bed
im living tonight out so i dont have to make up things in my head
your kiss to me is just like poisoned lead
but im just fine with being happy and dead

we lie down together and im even more confused
do you like me or not just give me the news
and please dont give me any kind of excuse
because it will only leave a bruise

i cant keep my mouth shut and all doubts are lost
my mind is running 90mph and my love you exhaust
going crazy because my emotions are being tossed
i dont know what you think because my head is criss-crossed

one more kiss you give me and it makes me smile
trust me i loved it because i havnt had it in awhile
too many feelings get thrown into a pile
hopefully this kiss will be worthwhile

on my way home refreshing my memory
of what exactly just went on and how you looked at me
i think with every blink that you might once again like me
i wonder if its just me or if you actully agree

i went to bed that night glad im alive
happy that you stood by my side
i love you and i dont wanna hide
this night was great and i know what i will decide

i went to bed that night with smile on my face
happy that i saw you in my favorite place
once again you made my heart race
so glad im alive and your lips i got to taste

i can cry then feel perfectly okay
i can hate you then still want you here to stay
i can love you then demand you walk away
lets just say alot can happen in one day

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, May 27, 2010

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