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If you think Maxim is poem then Maxim's poem. Maxim is not a poem, and poetry can not be read if you think about it. Listen! 'Poetry is actually a matter of thought! ' Maxim's speaking style is different from poetry. Maxime may have rhythm, it mayor may not be. You may think that all these divine words Yes, speech is not God's.

Maxim's Verses:


❑ Hoax ❑

O woman inevitable!

When you start thinking of me foolish,

then the earth laughs at you and kicks!

You are the General Secretary of the Parliament.

I am the Executive of that Parliament!


❑ Disappeared❑

Look downward; Damascus stormed again and again, O torpedo!

At the dawn fog in the early morning,

Taste of bath bath in the bathtub

Or dive with shadow in the pool of water.

If the pond is lost in water then you can not find the water!



❑ Speechless ❑

Above all, give my eyes and feelings blind.


I'm a speechless Bokachoda!

(Bokchoda meaning foolish/Goffy)

❑ Collaboration ❑

A bird flew under fire

The bird also fell into the fire

in the fury of mourning.

A bird did not survive,

neither mourn nor long.

❑ Wounded ❑

Walking the long way


Under the feet

Under the floor

Injured wings

My body is dead

The venom of poison

Do not believe to be killed!

Began to be pained

Seeing the unstoppable clumps

Apex venomous snake

Look at the tune only!


❑ Prayer ❑

May the Lord lower my eyes,

and let no one conceive a woman who is pregnant!



❑ Concurring ❑

Laddie is a crowd of enemies.

Look at how many opposes

Laddie goes to them;

The real hero who can piss!


❑ Bachelor's ❑

A bird's ears

There is no other wings.

A bird cry

The other goes on the roof.

Trapping a bird

Others go to the moon.

They are all birds of the age

Home in the same state

After a bird smile

The rest of the others!

They also at the Gherfhere

One goes to the sky,

Where is the destination of a bird?

No one knows!

❑ Sinners lover ❑

One day! some day!

Maybe or in the morning dew

Tread the legs, you

Come back to the grave

Hold hands by hand.


Angels are heard in the grave!

❑ Sinner Swain ❑

In the grave you are abusive, indecent!

You know that you are cheating on the soil of the grave, the lovers, and you are all over you!

The snake in your grave is full of bitch


❑ Bluish ❑

The color of the tree is blue

The fruits of the tree are all red;

The trunk is brown,

The pages are all expensive.

A black colored crow

Looks like this in front of us

And callously cracked throat.

Although the leaves of the leaves are expensive

The price of the tree is zero

Although the tree's trunk is brown,

The leaves are in color


❑ Unnecessary ❑

A tree

And a fish

Slow wings matching

Wants to fly

Where the birds match

Fly to fly

But never

The tree will not be fan

Although the fish has fins

You can never fly!


❑ MotherF**er ❑

Those who are in power

The weapon to blow the weapon

After the woman,

Who says that man

No pig?

What is a bet?

That woman thinks


Where in reality

Everyone is there

coming and going.

He is a Motherf***er!
Tuesday, June 12, 2018
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If you think Maxim is poem then Maxim's poem. Maxim is not a poem, and poetry can not be read if you think about it. Listen! 'Poetry is actually a matter of thought!

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