Praveen Kumar in Shobha Priya

170. Heat And Light - Poem by Praveen Kumar in Shobha Priya

Some filaments give light without heat
While others end up with heat without light;
Some minds produce visions without emotions
While others, emotions without worthy visions.

Heat and emotions suck energies and waste
In measures light and visions never dare;
Heat and emotions flow to catharise in mad haste
While light and visions in slow and abundant care.,

The heat of emotions glides blindfold
Through narrow dark lanes in mechanical spasms;
The light of visions lays measured gaits
On fields where grow no poisonous thorns.

No past and future stir the nest of emotions,
Where heat lies in isolated, day to day life;
Visions draw past and future’s to a confluence
Where light lights the lamp of foresight.

Emotions are explosions and hurl missiles,
Visions are implosions and sharpen missiles;
Emotions are temporal and are deaths,
While visions, future and birth and life.

Those float raw on surface are emotions,
Those sink and ripe in mind are visions;
The emotions splash naked oh face with heat,
Visions brew and pick in right time and spot.

Emotions are flushed out as wastes
To absterge ruffled entrails,
Visions sublimate as thoughtful acts
And enrich Self with directions.

Emotions, like black clouds on the sky,
Pour down with strong wind and thunders
Till sky clears up with bright sunshine
While the Earth is hung with ferocious flood.

Visions are spectrum of sodium lamp
That spreads to bands of pregnant shades
For wise choices from wide ranges
To plan goals and decide strides.

Emotions cloud soul while visions, cleanse;
Emotions close roads while visions form path,
Emotions are storms while visions, cool breeze;
So, absorb emotions to recycle to visions.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, March 13, 2010

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