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4. 'Black Day For The Pink City Stained Red..13th May 2008' Comments

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Abha Sharma
Shania K. Younce 28 March 2014
I believe it is wrong to hurt and kill innocent people. Humans are not perfect, but no human should have to go through, listen, or watch such terrible acts! Bien!
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Sreelekha Premjit 25 June 2008
I emphathise with your feelings for the Pink City, wish such atrocities will come to an end..
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premji premji 29 May 2008
My mind is blank I don't get words None can wipe away Blood from your Stigmata I had a similar experience when my friend's father was assassinated in Kashmir. Kindly read 'Lone in the dark lanes' premji from kerala
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My prayers will go with you...God Bless us all always! ! !
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Roland Bastien 26 May 2008
I want the support of all my poet readers to condemn this inhuman act And wish that no evil force should succeed in its aim. ------------ You have mine.It is a such beautiful city - the world heritage, the pink city is -
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Bob Gibson 24 May 2008
My heart is saddened by men's atrocities the waste of human kind the callous, thoughtless waste, of life and those they've left behind they cheapen everything we stand for and for what we've fought their mentors bend their minds, as a mothers dreams distraught
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Ivan Donn Carswell 24 May 2008
May your cry of Black day for Pink city stained Red strike a chord with the perpetrators of this insanity. Rgds, Ivan
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Raj Nandy 23 May 2008
Sentiments are well expressed! Since terrorism is a phenomenon of this century, today I have written on - Those Misguided Men! -Raj Nandy 23 May 08
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Anjali Mandokhot 22 May 2008
its high time....some serious steps should be taken.....since we ave been condemning it 4 long and it hasnt been effective......patience has its limits....it over now....
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Vidyadhar Durgekar 20 May 2008
Violence is the citadel of incompetence...................It is right to feel when it happens in our house..Most of the world share sympathy but how many do really care till it happens to them.We should rise when it is in others house, then only we can find solutions
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Usha Pisharody 19 May 2008
Yet another tragedy, of inhuman proportions. Another sad day in the history of humankind again. I am reminded of John Lenon's wonderful song 'Imagine' and I wonder when that day will dawn, if ever, when the world shall come together in harmony.
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Pushkar Bisht 19 May 2008
Even I got shocked to hear this terrible News. Many innocent people lost their lives. My pink city was bathing in blood that day. This incident was a big slap on our country from terrorism. I pray to God for those who have lost their own. My sympathy towards your family and your people of pink city. Madam Time has come when we have to raise our voice against terrorism. O Almighty Take care not of my country but the whole world which is in grip of terrorism. We all have different goals, someone wants to be an engineer someone wants to be a doctor. but no body is ready to fight against terrorism when they hear about terrorism they get scared too much. My heart says to me that I have to fight against terrorism. I always think of my sacrifice to the world but I think that if I can sacrifice my life for the sake of my world, I will be very much proud of myself. This is not the battle of my own nation but the whole world. I am going through the book named memoirs of Pablo Neruda. His book memoirs reflects that how he fought aginst evil, violence and corruption. I have not found any distinguished writer who writes something to encourage our people but they just want to make money. We need people like Tagore, Bose and Bagat. Terrorism is in full swing these days, No country has taken any appropriate step so far to eradicate this problem. I don't know how long it goes on. Terrorists are at large, they have only one aim to kill the innocent people. I don't know what satisfaction they get after they kill innocent people. The six blasts in pink city is really a shocking news for all of us again, before this terrorists succeeded in destroying the WORLD TRADE CENTER by hitting the plane against the building. Many people were killed and injured in that worst hit. Where all the politicians are trying to fill their pockets with money, one person remains alone to do but how much he can do himself? When the upper side is corrupted and dirty. I think madam Terrorism is doing its work no doubt, but blast after blast in our country is proving that how our politicians are responsible for this. How a man sells his own conscience for the sake of some money, how bad it seems to be.
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Tai Chi Italy 18 May 2008
Thank you Abha for referring me to your poem. I remember the city, it's beautiful people and it's tranquility of the time, the 80's was when I was there, visiting the famous tannary, buy your semi precious jewels, garnets, amythest, lapislagery, etc etc....a memory that will always shine in my heart. No people deserve such terror, especially such peace loving people as I found them. I am so sorry for the devastation upon your pink city and I pray the blood stains are not repeated. Thank you again and of course as a reader and writer I am OUTRAGED at such atrocity. Take care of you and your family, and keep up the good fight for justice and peace, Tai
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Emancipation Planz 17 May 2008
Abha, your Pink City will return.. and like Ms T.x says... 'hats off to you'.. you are embracing PH as a rich resource (and because of it ... much sharing is occuring so replenishment is happening...in an open and sustainable way) .... aroha Deana
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Vijay Gupta 17 May 2008
terrorisms is an international phenomenon now a days.peace loving power are fighting against it.this war will go to infinity.God knows the last results........
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My hat off to you. t x
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God helps those who help themselves, Everything will be better by the grace of God
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The “pink city” you said? ? ? When I look out of my window my eyes are comforted by the pink caresses of the beauteous building of erstwhile Reserve Bank of India (now State Bank of Pakistan’s Museum & Art Gallery) I cannot but thank the kindness of Rajasthan that parted with a part of its grandeur and shared it with this alien geography. The building is built with the pink Rajasthan stone and the same stone has made Karachi beautiful at number of places. I am equally hurt to imagine the blood that has marred its crimson majesty. Abha it seems as if someone has waged a war against peace”. Let’s fight back hand in hand! ! Lots of love Rehan
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Janri Gogeshvili 15 May 2008
I have been afflicted from this message … I sympathise your grief … but should tell, that at the lines written by you, is very considerable human and civil pain … and to me will be remembered as a poem young poetess which this tragical moment for its native city, has found in itself force, boldness and poetical alternation of words, the weight has compelled us to feel a tragical element «Consecutive Explosion of bombs« …
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David Desantis 15 May 2008
very sad abbha.......the world is increasingly difficult these days...im sorry that you have experienced it so close to home. My prayers go out to you
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