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5. Aftermath Of Thirteenth: United We Stand Comments

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No doubt the terror was struck on thirteenth
No doubt the innocent lives were snapped
No doubt the widows wailed and children orphaned
No doubt the heritage pink tainted bloody red


Abha Sharma
Priyanka Shetty 09 June 2008
i love jaipur..... ur poem shows the strenght and the unity of our people..... i felt every person in jaipur was so humble and loving...... i loved the place and the people... the disaster was really tragic though.... god bless everyone and give them the strength....... thanks abha for this great piece.......
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Those who live by sword will get killed by sword. Eternal vigil is the price of freedom. A touching poem is indeed, Abha.
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V F 27 May 2008
The bloodthirsty few who love the face of violence, the smell of innocent blood and the sight of suffering and pain.. those sadists.. may their hearts turn, may they realise the foul deed they do and where it will land them..
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Karan Baadkar 23 May 2008
There are acts of evil so that goodness grows much stronger..... All sand grains so d rain drops unite to form one land, one ocean..... Itz time to show evil that how hard it tries it cannot kill gooness... Evil can never win.. Good ness fights back.... n there will b no times where we d ppl will b consumed by our own petty indifferences... D war is going on from generations... N we d ppl have given so many sacrifices... But that has made us n our will power to create more stronger n we will develop.... We will fight evil... With peace... with love.... Wat WMD's cannot do d pen n thoughts do..... U have done ur work my fren n tis poem has a strong message to all d nations fighting global terrorism... N tey will b inspired by this antique poem.. Keep it up fren.. N best wishes.... from Karan
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Pushkar Bisht 22 May 2008
I read this poem and I really liked it. We all have to stand together for this war. God give us power to fight.
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Egi David Perdana 21 May 2008
whoaaa, no comment, wonderful poems amazing wow! ! ! !
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Raj Nandy 20 May 2008
Your prediction has already come true! Photographs of foreign tourists has been shown on the Times of India! With best wishes. -Raj Nandy
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David Desantis 20 May 2008
I'm sure comments or words cant to justice to ease the pain and suffering of your people, but our prayers are with you. You give your city great honor by bringing attention to its suffering.
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Flora Gillingham 20 May 2008
I suppose what doesn't destroy us makes us stronger. So many people in so many places facing adversity and seeking hope! Good luck to the people of Jaipur. Fx
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You captured a city united in grief and united they shall be to stand firm against the tragedy of terrorism. HG: -) xx
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Usha Pisharody 19 May 2008
A moving tribute, and a poignant recollection of what transpired. But nothing, as you say, can supress the unputdownable hope that still glows in the embers of the city. God Bless Us All....
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Sadiqullah Khan 19 May 2008
yes we all know the malicious designs to hurt humanity, , , we are passing through difficult times in history and i fear that such things will remain with us for quite a long time, , , , , some of us know the reasons too, , , but let there be some courage to speak the truth, , , unfortnately the state, politics, religion and cultural diversity have become enemies of the people, , ,
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Melvin Banggollay 18 May 2008
Wonderful poem though its painted with sorrow as we all lament for untimely death of our brothers and sisters. But I always believe, no matter what happens, we can still move on and be stronger if we keep united.... on our own little way as a poet to condemn such inhumane act. thanks, melvin
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Tai Chi Italy 18 May 2008
Yes united we stand and whatever does not destroy us, makes us STRONGER to counter the hatred of terrorism. A great rallying poem Abha! Reading it gives strength to to power of the pen held in clenched determined fist. May the bereaved be surrounded by love and Peace rise up in the minds eye. The 13th can truly be the blackest of days, All the best to you, Tai
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Alison Cassidy 18 May 2008
This fine poem certainly does justice to the cause you commemorate. The repetition of 'no doubt' in the first stanza and the powerful verbal tongue you use to challenge your oppressors is most impressive. A strong patriotic poem of solidarity. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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Seema Chowdhury 17 May 2008
abha, well done. another great piece of art, trhat is full of love, sincerity and care for your countymen. i fully agree with you that the sacrifices of our people will not go waste. God will do justice soon. take care and keep your hopes high.we need good thinkers and supports like you to fight back. take care
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Rani Turton 17 May 2008
Abha you have taken a courageous stand of which we all can be proud of. These attacks do not bring glory to any cause, but rather show the courage of the people who carry on their daily activites in spite of this ghastly tragedy. Jaipuris will always show this courage and strength. Thanks Abha and carry on with the great work.
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Emancipation Planz 17 May 2008
Terror (can always be beating if you can face looking at it with different viewpoints and in different ways... and that is what happens when the collective unite to stand, to write, to right.... capacity does built... So Terror = TEAR ORl(all) fear away and when fear evaporates (for all parties) moving peacefully forwards will never appear as waste Shalom.. keep Righting them ONE PEACE AT A TIME
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rohit sapra 17 May 2008
Being united is the way to deal with any obstacle in life. The biggest mistake the terrorists can do is think Indians as weak because Indians are great welcomers when it comes to welcoming someone and are great fighters too when its time to fight against the people who make the mistake of thinking them as weak and this is what which is clearly visible in this poem. In my view this poem deserves a ten out of 10 for the message it carries.
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Vidi Writes 17 May 2008
Deeply shattered inside I have to bond pieces from within To write these few lines of comment. Every terror strikes within me Dumb, I look at the horror Moist eyes I read the news. I am honest to the core to tell ‘I don’t know how to stop this’ Cruelest of cruel acts of men. Something really went wrong in the system Humans dip their soul in other’s blood Against whom we stand united. My soul stinks, shrinks, strikes… One after the other, this repeats How to bell this cat (Tiger) ? Dear poet, i really don't know the anwer to above But consoled a little to read this poem of unity. Thank you.
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