Wednesday, May 16, 2007

(694) Thinking Straight, An Impossible Task Comments

Rating: 2.7

Fever burns the inner sanctum of the brain,
allowing an enormous strain among
the nerves within. To creep among the
vessels of ceremonious culture,


Melvina Germain

U described this condition so well Melvina.Depression is so difficult and your mind plays tricks with you and makes you cry when you should be Smiling....I know these feelings, I have lived these same thoughts before. My favorite line in this Brilliant thought provoking poem is 'What if living is death and death is Heaven 'Is it possible, day is night, good is evil a dream is reality and life is death.' I like these lines so much because they shed light on how confused we really become when we allow this 'Dark Death' to seep into our very being. Thank you Melvina for this Great poem as it holds so much truth and almost is uplifting to know one is not alone when they go through these same emotions..... ......................Ten out of 10............................... Take care of U my friend =Shelley=

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... Sheila 19 May 2007

This is an awesome work! You certainly captured the essence of the mind and depression! You have a way with words! Top marks!

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Malini Kadir 16 May 2007

yes......oft realities are crowding dark around us And keeping a clear head.....near impossible........ thank you for sharing these feelings......It some how gives the same boat feelings

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JoAnn McGrath 16 May 2007

Wow Melvina....this is a tapestry of words here....I truely is boggling how the mind works......every microbe of our being for that captured it remarkably. thanks for sharing.

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David Harris 16 May 2007

Melvina, I agree with Tranquil, that the last verse was the most striking one. I've felt that way many times when thinking straight has become an impossible task. Depression and confusion does rule then, and they are not easy things to shake off. Brave words from a master. Thanks for sharing them my friend. David

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Tapas Dutta 16 May 2007

quite exact....n...well expressed...

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Tranquil Ocean 16 May 2007

The last verse is really hard hitting and strong...and overall you have portrayed the duality admirably. Love...TO

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