Wednesday, July 11, 2007

(971) Animal Rights Comments

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We’re marching for animal rights.
We have the right to fight.
Remember to hold you banners high
As if they were going to touch the sky.


Brian Dorn 16 July 2007

Poetry from an animal's perspective... nicely done, Melvina! Creative AND purposeful. Brian

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someone 03 April 2018

it sucks i hate it

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David Harris 11 July 2007

Melvina, what a wonderful poem. I'll join their protest anytime. Animals have their rights just as much as we do and woe-be-tide anyone who abuses them in front of me. We have three lovely cats which are our extended family. Sometime I must confess we fuss over them a little too much. I keep getting told off by the Vet for doing just that, although Arthur, Barny and Charlie don't seem to mind. Top marks and thanks for sharing this my friend. David

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Marci Made 11 July 2007

Oh yes and pets are like our 'other children' except they only ask for love and nothing more....There is a sad commercial running here with the song 'In the Arms of The Angels' about abandoned and brutally treated dogs and cats, Seeing it rips your heart out.....Part of this would make a wonderful story of children about pets loving them and being their best friends, at least the dogs and cats, not so sure about the mice and the monkeys..heehee............another wonderful story from Melvina.........~~~marci.xo

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