Carl Packman

A Beginning: Corruption Of The Mind - Poem by Carl Packman

Who or what began beginning?
The magnitude of semantic finitude
Has crept into understanding of what is possible-uninvited.
Which is to say, of what I can say - that is conceive -
Is all I'll be able to believe.

What it is one has to come to terms with,
Is that Universal Genesis is a man-made concept,
And that what is infinite, is not a disruption of the possible,
So the creation of the Universe as a concept is inept.

As expansion of the Universe points to a once denser One - Millions of years ago.
A knowledge of certain relationships in chemicals are explosive - Mercury, say -
But some insist this itself implies an ultimate Beginning - A Big Bang.

But it doesn't have to be this simple in these 'safe' terms.
A Dialectical energy which triggers expansion is not at loggerheads with infinitude.
Indeed it is only the troublesome concept of Genesis which disturbs a reasoned account of the Universe.

Why is it a peculiarly high proportion of people have trouble conceiving of a Universe without a Creator or a Beginning -
That is the transmorphication from Nothing combusting into Something?
Is it because most things we are exposed to - Buildings, Tools, Cars, Roads - Have a Beginning and an End.
Something which natural phenomena can resist.

Will it always be hard to grasp, the idea that energy in its most elementary form is entirely without a Beginning or an End?

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, April 15, 2008

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