Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Broken Heart Comments

Rating: 4.7

Comes too late to conquer my ambitions
Comes too late to stage my play
All that I've written is lost and gone
My memory is at a distance


suzan gumush
Romeo Della Valle 15 May 2011

A well crafted and poignant write! 10+++ Keep it up, you got what it takes to make it through the Poetry's World, talent! I hope you have the time to read my poem also titled: A BROKEN HEART and enjoy it! Love and Peace for always! ...

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 07 March 2009

A broken heart is very near and dear to God. Best Wishes. Naseer

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Ozzy Govea 14 October 2008

You can see you're pain in this poem, well written!

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Bonnie Collins 12 October 2008

This is a filled with alot of sadness, however a broken heart sometimes is one of Gods worst emotional roller coaster rides, we most, indure... Remember life will go on and somehow, someway try to develope a positive in your soal, it is painfull, but things happen for a reason, sometimes the worst of reasons, and always we may never know the answer immediatly, but as life travels us through many roads, one day, it will hit you as to why this happened.... Remember too, no one can take your memories even if they are from a broken heart.... Sweet write and enjoyed this much.. Bonnie

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Dereje Amera 12 October 2008

very heart touching poem, which goes deep down to heart to those who have broken hearts. This must be from personal experience, i just guess. Best

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Kesav Easwaran 14 September 2008

'My memory is at a distance Is all that I've forgotten'... good expressive write...the line quoted above is colorful poetic...10

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samar Halabi 10 September 2008

Great and really wonderful full of feelings good poem

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Rudy Hossam 07 September 2008

It really touched my heart and it hurts to now that you have suffered a lot in you really brought tears to my eyes...and an easy 10 for it

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Ashraful Musaddeq 06 September 2008

In this poem 'My life is near a bin' touches much. My 10 with it.

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Nathaniel Booker 06 September 2008

A broken heart... never unwanted but often undaunted... One can only wish to ellude them... but we all know that there's never really a happily ever after to that kind of wish... Masterfully written Suzan, a **10** from beginning to end. Be Well

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rohit sapra 09 August 2008

This poem is nice and talks about hope which sometimes seems to fade in us all.

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Miguel Maria 09 August 2008

beautifully sad, it shows strong feelings in short i love it

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Colin Jeffery 08 August 2008

A very moving poem. Brilliant

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Robert Meadows 03 August 2008

How insightful. A precious look into a sorrowful soul. Very well written.

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Existential Despair 01 August 2008

The more I read this poem the more I kept finding myself hidden in it. Thanks for expressing pain the way it should, nice work!

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Francisco R. Albano 15 January 2008

To the persona of this expressive confessional poem I share this comment by a TV character: 'When the heart is broken, the heart is open.'

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Al Ramos 06 January 2008

Unfortunately we all must suffer from a broken heart sometime in our life. I say the sooner the better, because what we learn will help us down the road of life

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Deepa . 03 January 2008

Suzan a nice poem. Life keeps throwing stuffs at us n at a particular stage we dont feel lost anymore. This particular point i feel is wen we wind our life. The last line appears to be a punch line.. Too good.. wishes, Deepa

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Marc Mannheimer 07 September 2007

Hi Suzan, First of all, this is a wonderful poem. Second of all - what a burden to carry. Maybe you feel, or it seemed you were trying to express that you feel, regret along with the hopelessness over the pain you're going through (is this a recent poem/situation - or a reality-based one?) . Maybe just take some steps to make it up to yourself. The biggest, and biggest self-esteem boosting step, to overcoming regret, is just to stop the behavior. Actually, that's often all that's required, and then maybe share with someone about it that you know will not judge you. The pain does stop - there is always a cause; contemplate what the cause is and reverse it. take care, Marc

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The angst, pain and lament of a heart broken is very rarely a forever event....Life really does go on, and if trated as such, usually, Love's renaissance is not too far down the road...Excellentdepiction...pristinely structured.Fine work, young lady. I picked a good day to visit...i found you! f

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