William Wordsworth

(1770-1850 / Cumberland / England)

A Character - Poem by William Wordsworth

I marvel how Nature could ever find space
For so many strange contrasts in one human face:
There's thought and no thought, and there's paleness and bloom
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Comments about A Character by William Wordsworth

  • Alwi Shatry (4/12/2017 7:18:00 AM)

    As I aspire to learn more on the language of poetry, it is often necessary to read a poem several times over to get a sense of the overall message. Later on, I move on to the finer aspects of the poem. In this particular case of Wordsworth's poem, does it not speak of a single face that projects an infinite variety of moods, expressions and emotional states? Does the poem not speak of the whole array of possibilities - - stories told, inner feelings unfolding with nothing more than the look on the face? The greater the diversity of countenances, the freer the personality and the less diffident he would be? I humbly ask any seasoned readers (and writers) of poetry to help me out. Thank you all! (Report) Reply

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  • (10/11/2016 11:02:00 PM)

    Nice (Report) Reply

  • Navod Dilhara (2/22/2016 2:13:00 AM)

    Wordsworth was evermore impeccable.. His poems were written with a rhythm and most are based on true incidents. (Report) Reply

  • Navod Dilhara (2/22/2016 2:10:00 AM)

    Wordsworth was evermore impeccable.. His poems were written with a rhythm and most are based on true incidents (Report) Reply

  • (11/12/2013 7:16:00 PM)

    a man like this would run away with your heart... that's a good one :) (Report) Reply

  • (10/25/2013 9:30:00 AM)

    Favorite lines: This picture from nature may seem to depart,
    Yet the Man would at once run away with your heart;
    And I for five centuries right gladly would be
    Such an odd such a kind happy creature as he

    Natures character in a nutshell. I think the title says it all!
    I sure want to
    (Report) Reply

  • Aftab Alam Khursheed (6/22/2013 11:12:00 PM)

    See the first stanza worth of dying and like this all great thought one point contains thousands of point with nature hues (Report) Reply

  • (3/30/2013 10:36:00 PM)

    An amazingly great poem. There may be many sides (good and bad) to one's character, which can change momentarily, but, ultimately, such doesn't change the nature of the person. The essence of the person remains untouched, and he (or she) is what he is. The Mr. Wordsworth is among my favorites. (Report) Reply

  • Kumi Nicholas (1/23/2013 10:24:00 AM)

    A very great poem.....# (Report) Reply

  • (2/6/2012 6:13:00 AM)

    good Lord in Heaven! ! ! of alli've read..this one tops it all....marvelous..simply astounding! ! (Report) Reply

  • Okaba Mark (1/23/2012 11:04:00 AM)

    A poet! A poet! A real poet!
    Wordsworth, a poet unmarched,
    O hw thy words speaks of nature itself!
    Can I eva b lyk thee rising frm this me tiny self! ?
    (Report) Reply

  • Paul Brookes (1/23/2012 5:13:00 AM)

    A definite self portrait done with humor and truth Beautifully expressed. 10+ (Report) Reply

  • (1/23/2012 3:52:00 AM)

    great! yin yang of nature md (Report) Reply

  • (1/23/2010 8:08:00 PM)

    The poem is as well thought out and knowing as the Mona Lisa.
    A complexion is a complex result of simple parts, or differing emotions.
    It is truly amazing, and a 'marvel [of] nature'.
    (Report) Reply

  • (1/23/2010 1:35:00 PM)

    The term CHARACTER refers to a literary form. It is a brief description of someone who typifies some definite quality. The colloquial definition stresses the odd, eccentric, or noteworthy characteristics of a person, as in 'Oh, she's quite a character, isn't she? ' Hardly a Falstaff is the sedate and retiring subject of Wordsworth's poem. In plain fact, the description does bear some resemblance to the poet himself as presented in biographies and literary studies of the time; his companion Samuel Taylor Coleridge comes closer to the colloquial definition of an odd or eccentric personality. (Report) Reply

  • (1/23/2010 8:07:00 AM)

    It's A great poem..........
    10 +++++++++++++++
    (Report) Reply

  • Kevin Straw (1/23/2010 5:52:00 AM)

    This poem is about one of those people we deem to be 'a character' - i.e. he or she has an eccentric but richly fascinating personality - think of the film actor Charles Laughton or Shakespeare's Falstaff. Wordsworth finely describes such a person but oh the galumphing metre - now I know where Patience Strong got it! (Report) Reply

  • Indira Renganathan (1/23/2010 2:41:00 AM)

    Very perfect study on the contrast...truth remains ever truly with imperfection only...a truthful impressive poem (Report) Reply

  • Ramesh T A (1/23/2010 1:16:00 AM)

    Two sides of the coin it reminds of! The contrasting things of Nature is similar to human beings nature! The character of human beings reveal the character of Nature! Wonderful simple contrast in a free verse of Wordsworth is worth to make a note though his greatness lies in philosophical poems of Nature! (Report) Reply

  • (1/21/2010 10:18:00 AM)

    The contrasts and the rhyme in this poem are Perfect! !
    RIP all the great characters as william worsdsworth!
    (Report) Reply

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