A Child's View Poem by Tony Jennett

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Tony Jennett

Leicester UK

A Child's View

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If only I wuz President
I'd work from dusk till dawn
To build another Disneyland
Upon the Whitehouse lawn
And everyone could come and play
Admission would be free
I'd watch them from The Oval room
And they would smile at me

I'd have a ton of pop-corn
Stuffed into Airforce One
And fly across the USA
And scatter it for fun.
I'd invite all the homeless
From flooded New Orleans
To sit down in the Senate
For a feast of pork n' beans

And jolly Father Christmas
Would drive down in his sleigh
So we'd have lights and jingle bells
And turkey ev'ry day
And peace and joy, goodwill to all
Would spread across the sea
To every warring nation
From Washington D.C

There'd not be any sorrow
But only peace and love
And the USA's Bald Eagle
Would turn into a dove
I'd decorate the Golden Gate
With Coke and Hershey bars
And I'd have my own rocket
To fly among the stars

I'd make the sun shine every day
The rain would fall at night
With spring the only season
Each morning would dawn bright
Old folks would live in palaces
And never pay the rent
All this I'd do for me and you
If I wuz President

Amy Douglass (Fifita) 31 December 2008

Nice poem. You understand the normal childs mind perfectly. At the age of fifteen would i still be classified as a kid? if so i'm not a normal child and wouldn't think that(but then again i am a pessimist) . Very true and amusing poem(not as amusing as grumpy old man though in my opinion) .

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K. Jared Hosein 14 March 2006

A comical prose full of heart that explains the innocence of childhood, a state uncorrupted by the wisdom of the weepings of the world. Sunny imagery and smiling rhymes make this an enjoyable and very worthwhile read. - K.

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 14 March 2006

I wish you 'wuz'! What a vision! Nice write. L

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Tony Jennett

Leicester UK
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