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A Conversation Between A Kumro And A Bird - Poem by Z.I. Mahmud

Conversation of a Kumro and a Bird
{Background: Far away from the village at a small forest there was a Kumro Creeper. Only one Kumro(a gourd species which has sharp feeler) was hanging there. It was very early in the morning. Dew drops have washed away grasses, creepers trees and plants and other leaves.}
Dew: Brother Kumro, how do you do?
Kumro: Fine and you?
Dew: Me too.
Kumro: You are a very good guy. Every day you wash my body. I feel very happy then!
Dew: It is my duty until the rain falls. I always wash the trees, the grass and other creepers. Then they look very nice!
{In the mean time the eastern sky became lighted. The sun has peeped.}
Sunlight: Hello! Kumro, how are you?
Kumro: Fine. We are living on your kindness. At night, dew drops has washed away our body. We are cold now. But your heat gives us comfort now. I feel happy.
Dew: O My God! It is my time to go! The sun has come out. Bye Bye.
Kumro: Bye. See you at night!
{In the mean time a Magpie came. He was eating worms.}
Magpie: How fine the worms are! Would you like one?
Kumro: No, brother. I don't like those. They are our enemies. They eat up our flowers and our babies.
Magpie: Every day I sit on your creeper to eat worms. Do you become angry?
Kumro: No. You are a helping friend. I like your songs too.
Magpie: Whatever you tell but we are afraid of the human being.
Kumro: What are you telling? They are all friends. If I were under them, they would make a fence, they would give support for my hanging.
Magpie: It is right but they are cutting all the trees. They also eat birds and beasts. Sometimes they cage birds and animals.
Kumro: They should be evils then. But one day they would get back their senses.
Magpie: But when? Man is making various weapons to kill themselves.
Kumro: Nowadays we hear that they are talking about increasing forestry. They are also talking against war. Look it is sunny. The sun has spread out its light on leaves. The root is bringing water. I am cooking in my leaves. Eating those foods I am growing every day.
Magpie: You have great advantages but we have to search for worms from branches to branches. Okay, I am going to look to another branch. I would come again.
{Saying this, the Magpie went away}
Sunlight: You can talk very well. I heard your conversations so long. You also praised me too.
Kumro: One should be grateful to the helpers. You are a helper for all. The world is useless without you.
Sunlight: I came from that sun too. You are right. The earth is revolving around the sun.
{In the mean time, a gentle breeze was blowing. The Kumro got a swing.}
Air: Not only the planets but also the satellites live for the sun.
Kumro: The moon beam is my favourite.
Air: How do you feel me? When I give you touch then?
Kumro: Pollen goes from flower to flower by you. It makes from flower to fruit. The flies also help in this regard. We dependent on each other and live.
{In the mean time, some birds and monkeys began to make noise. Air began to rush there. The Kumro is alone now. Suddenly a tailor bird came to the scene.}
Tailor bird: Oh! no more of human being. A tree gives him flower, fruit, shade but they cut him.
Kumro: What are you talking, brother? I am afraid when I hear cutting of trees.
Tailor Bird: Someone has cut trees and made a farm land. Then he made a fire to destroy the leaves and bushes. But that fire spread around. That was a terrible happening.
Kumro: What happen then?
Tailor Bird: It was the month of Boshek. Every leaf and branch were dried. Suddenly a small gusty wind spread the fire.
Kumro: What is the way, now? Won't the fire come here?
Tailor Bird: Didn't you hear noises? Even man has come to blow out fire.
Kumro: It is man who has set fire and has come to blow out fire. I don't understand why people do so. Has many beasts and birds died? Has many living trees burnt? Where is your male?
Tailor Bird: I went to give a peep but my male said to go other side to make everybody careful. He is nursing the Magpie. Probably a little hit has affected him.
Kumro: You are very good friend. You help one another in danger. You give news. We only hang on the creeper and do something but cannot leave the creeper.
Tailor Bird: Okay, I am going. I will have to give news to the squirrel.
{The tailor bird went away. The Kumro is alone now. He has to talk with sunlight, earth, the plum tree. So time has passed and the Kumro is growing up. Now it is rain and it went away. Then the autumn and the Kumro got ripen and fall down on the ground. One day, she saw the Magpie on the plum tree.}
Magpie: Hello Kumro brother, where are you now? Why don't I see you?
The shoots: Who are you, brother? Whom are you looking for?
Magpie: Here was a big Kumro. It was a very nice Kumro.
The shoots: Are you talking about our mother. We are her children. A few days back, we have learnt to stand. Mother has told all the stories and about you too.
Magpie: What has she told?
The shoots: She told me to give you her news. She had a wish to know what happened to the beasts and animals by the fire in the forest.
Magpie: I don't like to remember that terrible thing. It is better to forget all the sorrows. Better I sing a song to you. You dance in the gentle air and I raise a tune...... Toon Toon....Toon! !

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Story taken from Amar Bangla Boi (Bangladesh Text Book Board for class-5)
Translated by: : Z.I.Mahmud

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