Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Crayon Drawing Comments

Rating: 4.9

Thoughts are stir by the sight
of a familiar picture from the past
Layers of time saved in a drawing
by a young child… images that hold fast


Theresa Ann Moore
Walterrean Salley 26 December 2009

Innocence through the eyes of a child who, unfortunately, has to face the truth of reality some day.

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Sandra Fowler 19 November 2008

Time stands still in your beautiful crayon drawing. I like what you see from your own personal window on the world. Thank you. Warm regards, Sandra

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Dear Theresa, being a woman you have an advantage (as compared to all of us, men) . You can write a poem with your crayon, even to choose colours from a rainbow. (Though a man, I tried to do it in my poem Unknown Beauty) . I give you a 10, and thanks for sharing

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premji premji 15 July 2008

thanks teresa, you write poetry even with crayons. *10*

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Chitra - 11 July 2008

brilliant poem, enjoyed it

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