Ximmi Moon

Rookie (The 7th of Nisan / From a scene in South Carolina)

A Dog In Heat Froze My Earth - Poem by Ximmi Moon

NO NIGHT all day makes no cents for me

When death and taxes are my only certainties

And SIN BUSES drive the birds and the bees

Out of their nests, hives and trees

Into the deep blue seas, above and below,

Where the utopians bleed and their thoughts grow

Systematically soular. Is this world getting colder?

I think so! Would you like tickets to the show?

Yes or no? Stop or go? What's the cost? It's hollow

Caustic like the angles of Angels seeming just right,

But what do ya know? They've blinded your sight

By staring at the Sun's shine instead of the Moon's glow.

SOME NIGHT would be fine; Hell -> even divine!

Can someone provide an astronomical sign?

'Perhaps from the Heavens, ' snorted the swine

Sporting Nike, thinking it was one of a kine

Like a gem in the eye of Hector's gold rust

Periodically poured into your elemental lusts.

Bytch, eat this crust like a rabid dog, one of Lincoln's logs...

Sit on your stool like you's a bullfrog in a swampy bog.

Ribbit, ribbit... What the phuck was that? !

It sure as shyt wasn't a meerkat...manner-

Ism, a toadyish prism, a psycho-schism in Pinocchio's system

Attic...Yeah, that lofty dome -> one the dryheads call their home.

Still wonderin' why the woods live in ruin

Like U and I R N pissing blood-red urine

Aryan tract infection. Time to let the Brrrr in,

Freeze your skin, taste the frostbite from within,

Spit it out, then scream and shout

Cuz frigid air's what it's all about!

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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