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A Few Verses From Some Of My Posted Poems - Poem by Daniel Partlow

This is a little out of date because I recently posted about 40 new poems from my book Sunrise On The Mount. Will updat soon.

Excerpts from Hells Bells, Heresy Sells!

Hells Bells. Yes, heresy sells!
Apostate rants and Media tells

‘Lies, Lies! ’ the Liar Cries
Truth is lost and Soul dies.

Pride! Pride! The Bride has died.
Wide path is trod when Christ is denied.

Free, Free! The bound decree.
Hear the bells, they toll for thee.

Excerpts from Divorce, A Matter of Course

Why has Divorce
Become such a matter of course?
Currents of unyielding force
Deep is thy chaotic course…
Thy plutonian source.

Why would we willingly break
Our families and sacrament forsake?
In the waters lies a cavernous intake
Named Sin, which leads to Vulcan’s lake.
The waters of iniquity awake.

Unrealistic entitlement and want combine.
In loss of true respect – now all things decline.
Under the surface, heat builds in thermocline.
And causes upwellings of hot unhealthy brine.
The failing catch is the next ensign.

Dismemberment of all blessed goodness
Hateful Satan’s Wrath doth get.
A raging fire, choking and sulpherous;
For perverted Asmodeus’s Lusty internet.
The boiling Greed of debt and avarice
Fraudulent Mammon’s casino bet.

Excerpts from A Scriptural Valentine

Tell me, O you whom my soul loveth, where you feedest and rest thy flock at noon:
Why should I be unknown to your companions – as distant as the moon.

Her Friends
If you know not, O you fairest among women, follow the flock,
And beside the shepherds' tents feed thy young and bearded caprine stock.

The Bride
I have compared you, O my love, to a company of Pharaoh's equine chariot.
Your cheeks are handsome as with rows of jewels, your neck with golden lariot.

While the king sitteth at his table, my Lavender perfume floats forth from my narded chest.
A bundle of myrrh is He to me; he shall lie all night betwixt my breasts.

My beloved is unto me as a cluster of camphire in the vineyards of Engedi.
Behold, thou art fair, thy dove-eyes can behold our couch is green and ripe and ready...

Oh, that His left hand should be under my head and his right hand doth me embrace.
O ye daughters of Jerusalem, by the roes and hinds, stir not up, nor awaken my love, till I see His face.

The voice of my beloved! He cometh leaping upon the mountains, skipping upon the hills.
Like a roe, a young buck He stands behind our wall, peering forth from latticed window sills.

Excerpts from Aholah and Aholibah - Ezekial 23

Samaria is Aholah, and Jerusalem Aholibah.
And the former played the harlot
Even when she was mine she flirted on her lovers,
With Assyrians she shared the sins of letter scarlet.

Clothed with blue, captains and rulers,
mounted cavaliers, desirable young men.
Thus she prostituted herself with Assyria's chosen,
Their false idols, and defiled herself again.

Excerpts from Defiling Bathsheba

David, There were two neighbors; one was rich
and idle, the other poor but true, with little in his pot.
The rich man had exceedingly many flocks and herds:
But the poor had nearly naught

Nothing, save a little lamb, which he had bought and nourished;
he raised it with his daughter;
It ate from his table, drank from his cup, lay in his bosom,
indeed, he could never slaughter.

And there came a traveler unto the rich man,
who spared his own herd and flock,
But to feed this guest he took the poor man's only lamb,
he took his only stock.

As the Lord liveth, the man that hath done this
shall surely die and be thrown outside the city
And he shall restore the lamb fourfold,
because he sinned and had no pity.

You art the man David, Thus saith God,
I anointed you king over all towns, pastures, and farms Israeli
I delivered you out of the hand of Saul and gave you
all his wives into your arms, his house and bailey.

Excerpts from Jesus Christ Calls the Hindu

Brothers and sisters of the Indus and Ganges listen to the one True Dharma.
Love, Hope, and Faith in Jesus Christ is the only way to gain the Kingdom’s Karma.

The resurrection of the Atman mayn’t be in the form of new caste or beast.
There mayn’t be a cycle of reincarnation from which to be released.

For the many idols and castes are inventions of man used to oppress
There is just one God, one caste or race, one robe of truth to dress.

So meditate on the Gospel – the Word which is his true and holy Om.
And share this with your neighbor, and all the members of your home.

There is no more needful sutra, no more truthful mantra, no more harmonic Vedas
Than the yoga, the practice, the sharing of the Gospel, the Nan that Jesus fed us.

Excerpts from Jesus Christ Calls the Muslim/ Harmony Between Brothers

Oh Ishmael, you champion archer, what is the value of all the arms and arrows in your quiver?
When will you seek the true quarry whose blood doth eternal soul deliver?

It’s everyone’s choice to live with or without the true ihsan, His truth and love and peace.
We were enslaved to iniquity, but in the blood of His Son we have the offer of bond release.
But until we accept the sacrifice of his Son for our sakes, the sacrifice of ours to Him will continue without cease.

Oh, peoples of the Book, let us engage in open and constructive battles of the pen.
For the battles of the sword liberate no one, thus sayth the Lord. Amen.

Excerpts from The Peniel Blessing

Leave the uncertain wilderness of war uncharted and unexplored
For all security, all justice, and all vengeance are mine - thus sayeth the Lord.

For a mighty fortress is our God, never failing or deserting
And all shall be healed in Him of war and pain and hurting.

'Violence shall no more be heard in the land', as we obey His loving orders.
'Lord, No wasting or destruction shall be within thy peoples borders.'

'But we shall call thy walls, thy gates, thy rod and staff 'salvation'.
As you defend your people from evil trials and tribulation.'

'Let us beat our sword into a plough and our spear into a hook'
'Then the nations shall not know war', only Christ's shepherd crook

For the sword he has endowed is one which cleaves only lies.
Let us wield it skillfully, and willfully join His peaceful battle cries.

So onward Christian soldiers! March out as to war.
But armed with only truth and love of fellow man, for now and evermore.

Come Ishmael, Come Judah, and Arjuna, Come Gautama now and Lao.
Call upon your one true Christ, Jesus, to end the fighting and the row.

And as Jacob relented all his proud and self-made ways.
He saw the face of God revealed in all His glorious rays.

Excerpts from Jesus Kirisuto Haiku

Discover-Disukaba Truth-Makoto
Pure white reisu of life Christ-Hitonoko
Awaken to the Holy Spirit koingokoro

Heart of truth - Makoto no kokoro
Jesus guide our steps from today unto tomorrow
And frees us from the bond of sorrow

Excerpts from Modern Man: The Corporation

Corporate Externalities
Are Societal Realities
Producing abundant 'Goods'
But also great 'Bads' and Banalities.
Mounting Virtue Casualties.

Who gives thee exaltation?
Consider well thy reputation.
Listen Modern Man
Thy name is Corporation
Complete is thy Indoctrination.

Excerpts from Raising Children of Light

Children are to respect parents, that they may live long.
Parents are to love them back by teaching right from wrong.

As parents, we all do the best we can… or do we?
Have we succumbed to the secular Huey-phooey?

Without us, the daily bombardment of human hokum.
Could eventually blind 'em all and choke 'em.

Limit and monitor television and the internet
Dark messengers are legion and will catch them in their net.

Children, act with love, respect, and helping hand.
And parents, do not allow Satan to seal them with his fiery iron-brand.

Excerpts from Seven Words Seven Echos

And at the ninth hour… My God, my God, Why hast thou forsaken me?
So far from helping and hearing my words of my roaring, Art ye.

O my God, They cried unto you, they trusted in you, deliverance you have bourn.
But I am a reproach of men, and despised. All they that see me laugh me to scorn:

They shoot out the lip, shake the head, He trusted on the Lord, let the Lord decide his rest.
But thou art he that took me from the womb and made me hope upon my mother's breast.

I was cast upon you from the womb: you art my God from my mother's belly.
Be not far from me; for trouble is near; for there is none to apply the soothing Gilead jelly.

Many bulls have compassed me: strong bulls of Bashan have beset me round.
They gaped upon me with their mouths, as a ravening and a roaring lion, as a rabid hound.

I am poured out like water, all my bones are out of joint: my heart like wax melted and sunk to my bowels.
My strength dried up like a potsherd; I’m brought to the dust of death, my tongue cleaveth to my jowls.

Dogs compass me, the assembly of the wicked have enclosed piercing hands and feet. My blood now clots.
I see all my bones: looking back and staring at me. They part my garments and for my vesture casting lots.

But be not thou far from me, O Lord hasten to my aid. For when the afflicted cried you heard.
The meek shall be satisfied and shall praise the Lord and heart shall live for ever with his Word.

All the ends of the world shall remember and turn unto the Lord. All kindreds of the nations shall bow down
They shall worship you. For the kingdom is the Lord's. He is the governor of all nation, land, and town.

A seed shall serve him; it shall be accounted to the Lord for a generation, this grain of corn.
They shall come, and shall declare his righteousness unto a people that shall be born.

And, behold, upon his final word the veil of the temple was rent from the top to the bottom in pieces twain,
And the earth quaked, the rocks rent; open broke the grave, and a reprieve for us did he obtain.

Death and the grave have been conquered, forever vanquished:
Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit... It is finished.

Excerpts from Sunrise On The Mount

Lifting up His eyes and voice, He taught upon the mount,
Your rewards and your blessings, and how your virtues count.

Blessed are you poor in spirit, the humble hubris-less inherit heaven's realm;
And blessed are you meek for you shall boldly take the earthly helm.

Blessed are you that mourn and weep for human wrong and sin,
Comfort shall God give you – His arms to hold therein.

Blessed are you that crave for right – enduring dry and parching thirst.
Like a sponge into cup of truth be plunged, sated, saturated, immersed.

Be happy you who mercy sow, forgiveness you invest.
At harvest, reap you mercy and know that you've been blessed.

Happy are the pure in spirit and wise are your decisions.
You clearly see the way to Him, His holy face your visions.

Blessed are the peacemakers – He knows you by your love.
You indeed are children of the one true God above.

Good cheer to those reviled and persecuted in God's holy name.
The world will slander and attack you but you should feel no shame

Like the prophets before you, they thank you with the sword.
Rejoice, Rejoice! and be glad, for so great is your reward.

So all you blessed people, use your blessings well.
Shine your light upon the world – from rooftop and on hill.

You salt the earth, you brighten, you enlighten, and you savor.
But carefully guard the holy truth, or lose all of His favor.

For woe shall come to he whose gifts will he not share,
Like worthless tasteless salt cast out, all blessings shall strip bare…

Excerpts from The Cape of the Matador

In the ring, the Toro spies the crimson cape of Matador
Like a young sailor just ashore, lustily staring at a whore
Whether dumb or savvy beast, instinct rises to the fore
Bearing little reason – remembering only the timeless oath his ancient swore
To charge that hot and angry hue with horn erect, thinking only gore, gore, gore!

Beauty is a blessing – a wondrous heavenly creation.
And there is nothing wrong with having a healthy appreciation.
But refrain from that which tempts the heart away from present or future marital station.
And keep in mind, that patronizing pornography drives the horrible exploitation.
Which perverts both young and old, and leads to untold, unhappy, unrighteous deviation

Excerpts from The Flames of Molech

A damnable choice is now thrust upon our expectant mothers.
But how can society persist when the maternal hearth it smothers.

How great are the flames of Molech, how high have they climbed.
All the despots and all the war mongers of the last 200 years combined,

Have shed less blood than Roe V. Wade, and her foreign kin in the last forty years.
Over a billion babies culled by the scalpel – how many billion tears?

Though some seek the courts and governments for a single solitary great fix.
Without societal change we will remain the generation of vipers, stinging and poisoning the matrix.

‘But we will do it anyway, with unsafe procedure’ is the back-alley creed.
Alas, society and our hearts must change in many ways, or the womb will forever bleed.

Excerpts from The Flocks have Left the Fold

The fields of wheat are filled with weeds; some fig trees have stopped fruiting
The time of beast and serpent nears, they plot the vineyard vines uprooting.

Following the serpents siren song, the flocks have left the fold
The proud have wandered away from their shepherd of old.

The hyena laughs at the shepherd’s doctrine: a call to repent.
And offers what he says the shepherd really meant.

The coyote shrieks in the piteous pitch of yin.
With feigned wound and false pride, more sheep are taken-in.

The false prophecy of boa winds itself among its prey.
Binding them in sin for constriction on the beastly day.

In blast of steam and ash Leviathan begins to swell.
Withering the unfruited trees, he opens wide the mouth of hell.

Profaning the shepherd of the heavens, the volcanic eruption peaks
Amid Hyena Laughs, Leopard Growls, Gorilla Hoots, Baboon Howls, and Coyote Shrieks,

In the end, all the proud are lost to the pride,
For the pride devours those who can’t admit that their serpent master lied.

Excerpts from The Human gods

Do justice to the afflicted, poor, and needy.
Deliver them from the hand of perverse and greedy.
But alas, you do not now nor ever will you.
You walk blindly, doth the darkness fill you.
Thy lot be cast, thy pact is made: an unholy treaty.

Ohh, society is knocked off it's foundation
When His constitution causes such consternation.
Ye mighty gods are children of the haughty
But ye shall die like the proud and naughty
Arise, O God, judge the earth and inherit every nation.

Excerpts from Unsavory Salt Pillar Parade

Behold, the confused and sorry people of Sodom,
Profaning matrimony with heart, and tongue, and bottom,
Spreading the abomination of those who taught ‘em.
Join the repentance of all other sinners in this end-times autumn!

Have we forgotten that something better than sin does await?
God has the strength to heal, and the reward is happy, perfect, and great.
Men and Women, do not fear or shun each other. Be patient, trust, respect, and wait.
For in the beginning……God made Man and Wife: eternal loving mate.

From Sunrise On The Mount

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