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A Fortiori - Poem by Dexsta Ray

So, society don't really like the movements
Can't impress it…
Stay connected for this reason
Glorified trifle
No fulfilling, time is like the blueprints, touched
Askew, souls peeling
And mortified
Changing up perspective, strangely dealt
Mainly watching me
I tell you
Ain't a changing constant, justifying what? Shaking, crush, rebelling
You define us…
Hush, I'm hoping the youngsters don't take those values in
They trying to cover a brother
But they won't have
The win…
I ain't got no rap for this, like salsa, lettuce, meat, and cheese, beans
'Time-after' gifts, or speechless scenes
All my dreams
Before the table that's in front of me, olden candle sticks
Masking legions, thus controlling, no,
So I wasn't growing
Reading into meaning of this gleaming spring of leafy things
Floating by the gold light
Neigh the throne
No evil
Reigned… a glorious sight in the right way, might I'd say, night could not suffice
For the bright road, shine, paved, my, way
Dibble in the darkness
And just to bleed it out, 'cause there's a reason why we pray before we leave the house
Unless it's, ay, don't start this, a flame concealed, let's beam it out
Societal in heart would
Unaware, the target's they
In the sharpest way, a part renamed something more appealing
Laughing at the devil…
Since it's clear as crystalline, snatch the magic from his tactics, that was 'stablished through his actions
In the living, got him mad, now it has to rid of me
But it's passing, everlasting
In the Truth
Really trashing up, thrashing up acumen
Then present distorted views to the humans that ain't made it here yet
A baby, if they knew it, would've tried to stay
Away, declined, arrangement in this
Crazy, crazy place…
Called a sinner's heaven, earth, at birth, could work, but now it's worse
The curse emerges, though nobody with a hobby would
I stop and stare, a lot will fare that probably shouldn't be muzzled
Like one and two, for God had worked a lot in pairs…
What I'm saying is…
Learn, discern a person, firm and far past mistakes, and turns and twists or what they did
It ain't in our hands to say, we just use our hands to pray
I doubt a parked van will stray
The route has darkened with hate
So, Truth, we harken Your
For real…
People judge a bunch, and always seem to crush the ones, that talk or speak
Something serious, puzzles crushed, this begin with self
So we really only pick within for help, it don't matter where you been, but where you end
With your death… to be with God or in sin
With the men that are in
Beat a problem and a ton start again, but what if God just wouldn't budge
But viewed us as just our sin?
You know, it's funny how we vaunt, you just woke up 'cause He's pardoned
Sure, He know what all you've did, you ain't repent
But He guarded
'Cause everybody people meet got demon sheets, full of wickedness
When God was looking down, what did He see? Only wicked men, sinning like a game
But thrusting blame on the farthest
And plus it ain't my place to judge so I would love them regardless
See… they don't see human beings the way
That God sees them
For He can see the inner essence, satan not see zip
So it's translating the perspective
God's the utmost of love
So anything without this message just could not be real, I know it's not revealed
By society because it's satan, a fortiori, falsely viewed as just amazing, but it's just degrading
Breaking minds in the masses up, shaking them to hell, behind the veil
Think it's actually fun…
Happy, ones
Will something save me? Hope it dons, staring out
It'd try to judge you from a concept that you don't care about
I know, it's crazy, and it's weird, you ain't even close to
Breaking me, trying everything
But I'm firm like
Probably out to get a brother, well, I heard, I know, that, that some heard I'd grow
So to disturb my soul, just want to burn my bones
Or either curb my own, words
To turn and churn against me, why? Just because, I strive to fly with Jesus' dove, which is He also
The demons thought so, although it ain't easy
It's worth it, all souls, if we want it, never daunted, dude, I'm living and a Christian
See, the one you praying to is the one that is with me
And adjust the decisions, all to my
Just submit, to Holy Father, Son, Spirit, dwelling
Currently with men, but soon the day, will come, the end develops
I'm counted in, like some found cents or an ugly duckling
While the wicked's smooth crowns bend like we ducking bludgeons
As us ducks on the ground sit as the youngsters does it
Goose, God was coming around quick
He ain't rush to judgment
Wandering, and sound, through the town, seeing life a different way, forget the vain
Mostly focused on the spirit
Misconstrue my actions, trying to paint me as a patsy, while it's nothing even close
What's pathetic is you at me
Use to live just like a ghost… well, at least that's how it feel
Tried to figure who to trust before I heard it'd get you killed
So I don't deal with the lust or the trust
Got to keep your balance, ever wonder what'll happen if we wouldn't be as scandalous?
Enemies for hours
Shadows because of Jesus standings
Bleeding me of power because I'm true to what He commanded
Satan be a coward, I'm standing firm
Even to this day
You can't devour me because you can't subdue this faith
You can't move this place or the platform
That I'm standing on
Which is Jesus, forget about sand, I built it on the stone, and people judge a man by his external factors
It's more important what's within because at death that's what's matter
It may be hard to comprehend
That's a part of the
And how it's lame to stand for God when He's the author of life?
Now you don't have to go to hell because of His scars and stripes
Darkest nights are fine, and shine, after parts
Of minor dyings inside
I'm told the mountains are just one in the puzzles
To learn the difference from brownnosers and someone who just humble
Don't take the face value side and hold it
Or you hurt yourself, looking at the backwards picture, probably need to turn it left


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