Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

Gold Star - 22,405 Points (17.10.1944 / Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)

A Good Modern Poem - Poem by Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

A good poem should convey message,
It cannot be in one or two lines like statement,
It has to be in paragraphs of equal lines!
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  • (6/27/2013 9:54:00 PM)

    Good advice. Thank you. Dr.VKK (Report) Reply

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  • Dinesh Nair (6/25/2013 9:42:00 AM)

    Dear Dr Kanniappan, your poem has to be a good message to all despite the excess of stipulations you have referred to here.

    I feel the native speakers and writers who use English as the primary language can handle English more effectively. But when it comes to grammar the rules have an international acceptance.

    I am wondering how Bri Edwards could commit grammatical errors though he uses English as his first language.

    I teach English in India and it is my second language. Bur Mr Bri Edward, the following grammatical errors are found in your comment.:

    'I don`t agree with several points' is to be corrected as I don`t agree to several points. We agree with people and agree to things,

    Most of mine poems is to be corrected as Most of my poems.

    So, I don`t think good English is the cup of tea of the English speaking people alone.

    Let us appreciate the efforts of all without being very serious about the superfluous things.
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  • Bri Edwards (6/25/2013 12:37:00 AM)

    why do you entitle this a good MODERN poem instead of a good poem? i appreciate your poem but i don't agree with several points.


    A good poem should convey message,
    It cannot be in one or two lines like statement,
    It has to be in paragraphs of equal lines!

    i believe that many good poems convey a message....as do many which i consider to be bad poems.
    but i like some poems which are less of a message and more of a feeling. i even wrote one which is in a made up language but which i wrote to sound good to the ear, hopefully, like a piece of music.
    yes, one line would seem TOO short, but maybe two lines would suffice if the poet is skillful enough. most of my poems are quite long, but i do have some of only 4 or 6 lines.
    i don't believe it needs to be in paragraphs (stanzas) of equal lines, though most of mine poems are. sometimes i lump lines that are related into one paragraph even though it means using more or fewer lines than in most of the paragraphs.


    The sentences should have rhymes,
    We have to write without mistakes,
    In spelling, grammar and meanings!

    i see your poem does not have rhymes; at least i don't think so.........but it does follow some of your guidelines.
    i enjoy reading and writing rhymes but i have read some poems without rhymes which i have enjoyed much more than some poems with rhymes.
    i get bothered a bit when i find a mistake in spelling or grammar or 'meanings', many of which i believe are caused by carelessness and could be corrected if careful proofreading were done. but some of what i call mistakes i believe are caused by a poet writing in their second or third? language with which they are not as familiar as with their primary language.


    Need not be in urge to publish hurriedly
    Write, edit, arrange, rearrange, post honestly
    You get your poem appreciated nicely!

    as for the first line: Need not be in urge to publish hurriedly.........i would write: one need not be in a hurry to publish, but maybe the common way of saying that in your country/culture is different than in mine!
    as for the line: Write, edit, arrange, rearrange, post honestly..........i totally agree with this! ! ! ! sometimes i am surprised how many changes, some of them very minor, i can make in a poem which i have written and thought was quite good until i reread it days or months later. then i feel that i have made it even better, .... sometimes much better.

    these are all honest thoughts i have after reading your poem, which you requested me to do. thanks for sharing and asking for my opinion. feel free to disagree with me or otherwise comment on my comment.
    i think i'll read another of your poems if i have time now.
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