Evey Vendetta

A Gothic Love - Poem by Evey Vendetta

This story is simple yet heart felt. It is actually more of a dream. It is my dream one of them I guess you can say. I do not normally take time and jot down my dreams but this one was different as in it was stuck in my head all day. The story I'm about to tell you is about a gothic love a spechel love you wont find just anywhere.

The setting of the story was he was sick didn't feel well at all, felt like hell. Location was at my house.

I found him in the front bathroom he was sitting there cutting up hes arm pretty bad. I walked over in tears grabbed a razor and sat down n front of him. I then put it to my wrist about to cut I stopped. I looked up at him n he was looking at me n as if to say don't do it. So I sat the razor back on the sink and looked back at him n said, I wont do that again I promised u I wouldn't just like you promised me.

I grabbed his hands as he dropped his blade. I then placed his arms around me and moved closer to him. I hugged him I said 'I love you please stop. Please I hate you doing this it kills me.' As you tightened your grip around me you whispered in my ear 'I love you too.' with that said tears fell once more from my eyes, as you spoke these words you were super weak. I then picked u up and I carried u to my room. I laid you on my bed and kissed your head and said 'be right back love' and went to grab some bandages to wrap your arms.

While I was coming back my grandma and mom stopped me and said 'You don't need this suicidal shit n your life it's not good for you to have to worry all the time, Hun why don't u just let him go.' I got pissed and yelled 'do u see that boy over there! ! ! ' I said do u see him that's my future husband over there! ! That's my fucking life! ! He is everything I have ever dreamed of having in a man since I was a little girl. He's all I want and more. Just because he cuts does not mean he is suicidal.

I'll tell u right now if anyone is its me ya me see these scars they are from your bitching, This boy gives me a reason to keep on going I want to help him if he will let me, I want to be there for him and I will. I'll do everything n my powers to make him happy. If you or anyone else has a problem with me doing that well then you my dear can kiss my ass! ! ! '

With that said I walked back into my room n then turned towards them and said 'now if you excuse us he needs me, and his rest' and I shut the door. I walked to him n sat next to him on the bed and as I was wrapping him up he said I cant believe u just did that, stood up for me like that. I smiled and said 'What can I say I love you.' I finished up and crawled into bed beside him and laid my head on his chest and went to sleep.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

this is another dream that i had

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, January 31, 2013

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